Tactical 2 MOA Red Dot Sight Scope

SKU#: 730NA-0002
  • 1.Supreme Accuracy - 2 MOA red dot sight allows for fast target acquisition and accuracy even in dim conditions. A 1 MOA click value gives precise shot placement.
  • 2.Composite Material - Made of water-impact tested composite material for great waterproofing and shock-proofing to resist damage from rough handling and inclement weather.
  • 3.Unobstructed Field of View - The red dot follows the movement of the user’s eye while remaining fixed on the target, allowing both eyes to stay open when aiming and providing an unobstructed view for accurate, comfortable aiming.
  • 4.Multiple Illumination Levels - Control over 11 levels of red dot brightness delivers optimal illumination in a wide range of lighting conditions.
  • 5.Comprehensive Warranty -This scope comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, full 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Naturalife Tactical Red Dot Sight is the perfect rifle accessory for any sportsman. 2 MOA red dot sight with 1 MOA click value placement, water and shock-proof composite material makeup, parallax-limiting design and 11 illumination levels make this an all-around great choice. 


Magnification: 1x 
Objective: 0.91” 
Aiming Dot Size: 2 MOA 
Click Value: 1 MOA 
Length: 2.4” 
Height of Centerline: 0.65” 
Weight: 3.9oz 
Parallax: ≤2’ 
Range: ≥60’ 
Brightness Settings: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 
Impact Test: 600G/1000shots 
Waterproof Test: 2.13’/30minutes 
Operating Temperature: -4°F~122°F 
Storage Temperature: -40°F ~ 158°F 

Installing Batteries 

1.Turn the battery compartment cover anticlockwise by hand until the battery cover can be removed. 
2.Insert a 3V CR2032 battery with the positive terminal (+) facing out of the battery compartment. 
3.Rotate the battery compartment cover clockwise to tighten the battery cover. 
4.Turn the Illumination Dial Adjustment clockwise to make the red dot more visible. 


Check that the O-ring is properly attached to the inside cap edge of the battery compartment cover. Do not close the battery compartment if the O-ring is not properly attached to the cover. Improper O-ring attachment may result in water entering the battery compartment. 

Package List 

1.Red Dot Sight 
2.CR2032 Battery (already installed) 
3.Lens Cover 
4.Cleaning Cloth 
5.Allen Screw 
6. Instruction Manual

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