Professional Bubble Machine with High Output

SKU#: O0000-0431
  • Portable & Durable - Light weight metal case and durable construction makes it convenient both for indoor and outdoor activities including kids parties, weddings, discos, and much more.
  • Large & Adjustable - Large and yet easy-to-move with a solid adjustable handle.
  • Quiet & Compact - A compact design and quiet motor that's easy to refill and simple to switch on and off.
  • Impressive Bubbles - 18-22 rotations per minute to create thousands of bubbles with just a simple touch of a switch.
  • Easy to Maintain - This bubble machine can be easily and effectively maintained just with regular cleaning.

1byone Bubble Machine produces a large number of flying bubbles to create a magic and colorful dreamland for every user. Safe and, simple, with a considered design and outstanding performance, just relax and amuse your eyes with thousands of magic bubbles! 


Input Voltage: AC12V 
Tank Capacity: 1L 
Size L x W x H: 13.4x11.4x11.8in (34x29x30cm) 
Weight: 5.8lbs (2.63kg) 

How to Use? 

1. Pour bubble liquid into the liquid reservoir. Note that the type of bubble liquid used can affect how many bubbles are made. 
2. Plug the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet. 
3. Turn the power switch to the "on" position to start the machine. 
4. If the unit is to be mounted using a bracket, please note the bubble machine can only be inclined to a maximum angle of 15-degrees. 
5. The bubble machine should not be used for more than 8 hours consecutively and is best operated at 40-90º Fahrenheit. Performing of the machine may be reduced in low temperatures. 


Please keep the air intake ports free from blockage. 
Do not use outdoors in the rain as this may lead to a short circuit 

Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100%. This bubble machine comes with a 12-month warranty. Satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will happily send a replacement on us if any issues arise.

does this come with bubbles, or do you buy separately?

You must buy them separately. It puts out tons and tons of bubbles, just be sure to have quite a bit on hand if you want to keep it going for longer than 15 minutes. It is always a request when we have a get-together with kids---they LOVE it. Good buy--it is just bubble-greedy:)
By Kristin Bolfing Volcik on April 21, 2016
Does not include bubbles. It goes through bubbles in about 10-15 min, so make sure to have plenty on hand for a party.
By AMZing on April 21, 2016

How long is the electric cord?

Thanks for your questions. This machine adaptor cable total length is 2m(6.6ft), if you need the cord more longer, can add one more Outlet. Hope this answer can resolve your issue.
Pls conatct us if you have any future issue.… see more
By 1byone Service Team on July 20, 2015

Would i be able to use "glow in the dark" bubbles in this or would thay effect the motor?

The motor is not submerged in the bubble mixture or anything like that so the type of liquid you put in shouldn't matter.
By Capo on May 1, 2016

How much liquid does the reserve hold?

I'd say as a "guesstimate" answer about 2 cups of bubble solution.
By Tera Azevedo on September 23, 2016
I returned mine, so im not sure, I would estimate maybe 12-16ounces?
By j.m. on September 23, 2016
About 32 Oz or a little less
By Shawnda Dinneen on September 23, 2016

If you fill this, approximately how long (in minutes) will it blow bubbles before running out of solution? Thx

20-30 minutes depending on how much solution you pour in it
By Leah c on April 19, 2016
10 to 15 minutes approximately
By D. Strauss on April 19, 2016
Not sure i guess like 20 min
By Amazon Customer on April 19, 2016
15 minutes, not sure to be honest last a while
By Ricardo Peinado Jr. on April 19, 2016

What are the melodies

There is just a regular chime that I use but there are many more you would recognize. Most are a little too lengthy for me, I used it at my business so the regular chime is perfect. There are some that are holiday related that I will probably use around Christmas, just for fun!
By ClubGuy on August 10, 2015

Is this thing supposed to be so messy?

I didn't find it to be particularly messy. Bubbles, in general, are surprisingly "messy" and these give a ton - so you definitely don't want to use it inside as it will mess up the floors and leave that soapy residue. We always do it outside and have no trouble.
By Amanda on October 27, 2016
With my experience. Yes. It is messy. I lay down a plastic table cover so it doesn't get the surface it is on directly wet. I think it would be better hanging
By kaia on October 27, 2016
Sorry....what do you mean by "messy"?
By nodrog on October 27, 2016
It was easy pouring in the bubble solution. It had the natural drip of liquid similar to when you manually blow your own bubbles. The clean up was easy beacause you just pour out the left over liquid that wasn't used and wipe it dry before you store it away. With little liquid to dry and drippings close to manual use, … see more
By Marivic Alvior on October 27, 2016

Does the machine create fog?

No. Just bubbles.
By DS on November 2, 2015
Well, the first review on here (5 star review) btw, claims this machine DOES also make fog but that reviewer also received this product free in exchange for reviewing it. Hmm.... I'm always suspect about reviews where they received the product free - 99% of them are always 5 stars - are they TRULY unbiased reviews? So … see more
By Jancey.c on December 4, 2015
It does not create fog, but is a good bubble machine.
By Kristin Bolfing Volcik on November 3, 2015

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