Bluetooth Classic Bookshelf Speaker with 4’’ Woofer and 1’’ Tweeter

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SKU#: 436NA-0004
  • High-Quality Sound - A 4’’ Woofer and 1’’ Teeter with 2 x 21W power output for perfect sound reproduction.
  • Connect Two Devices - Connect through the dual RCA port with RCA to RCA or RCA to 3.5mm cable.
  • Bluetooth - Wirelessly connect with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Side Control Panel-Adjust the speaker’s Volume dial to the minimum level, switch the power button and LED indicator light will turn green.
  • Buyer Guarantee - Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty and 30-day full refund. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send you a replacement if any issues arise

Easily connect computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, DVD players, and gaming systems by Aux RCA or 3.5mm wired inputs for truly enhanced audio. In addition, connect your headphones to this stereo system for a personal listening experience!

For even more convenience, wirelessly stream your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

Equipped with 4" woofers made of balanced woven carbon fiber and 1" silk dome tweeters, the classic wooden Bookshelf Speaker System outputs deep, rich bass and smooth treble for an unrivaled sound experience.

Whether relaxing and listening to your favorite tunes, watching a blockbuster hit, or following the big game, the quality of your experience is defined by sound. 1byone Bookshelf Speaker system brings legendary power and excellent sound quality so the moment is never wasted.

How is the sound when connected to turntable

I think the sound quality is good considering the low price. You can adjust the base, treble and volume to your taste. I'm happy with the speakers.

Can you connect these to an old school cd player/shelf system?

No, only with WiFi

Can Alexa hook up to these speakers, via bluetooth?

Speakers are already Bluetooth speakers, so can't hook up to other speakers via bluetooth.

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