Fitness Mini Trampoline with Handlebar, 106cm/42inch Fitness Rebounder for Body Exercise and Cardio Workouts, Max Weight of 120kg/260lbs,Red

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  • Professional Fitness Trampoline - Great for fitness and sports training, weight loss, cardio and balance. The perfect tool for increasing strength and stamina all while putting less stress on the body and mind!
  • High Quality, Durable & Safe - The jumping mat is made of high-quality polypropylene for resistance against abrasions and tears and to provide durable, stable bouncing performance.
  • Adjustable T-Handlebar - 3 levels of heights adjustment (max.140cm) allows for a safe and comfortable experience during jumping workouts and can be adjusted for people of all ages.
  • Capacity - Appropriate for a user weight up to 120kg/260Ibs. A frame height of 33cm and width of 106cm means this trampoline can easily fit in the home, office, gym, garden, and be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • What You get - Fitness Mini Trampoline Set, instruction manual, 30-day full refund, and 12-month warranty with friendly customer service.

Why Choose Naturalife Fitness Mini Trampoline?
Fitness Mini Trampoline is specially designed to give you an edge over your opponents on the playing field by complementing fitness and sports training and increasing core strength, cardio, speed and agility, coordination, weight loss and overall balance all while putting less stress both on the body and the mind.
Get all these health benefits from the comfort of your home, gym, or office. High quality materials mean this trampoline is durable, safe, and also quiet so you can easily listen to the TV, music, or hear anyone else in the room. Bring Fitness Mini Trampoline into your home today and share the health benefits with the whole family!

1.Increase fitness, agility, weight loss, cardio, and balance while putting less stress on the body and mind.
2.The jumping mat is made form high-quality polypropylene for durable, stable bouncing performance.
3.Adjustable T-handlebar creates a safe, comfortable experience for users of all ages.
4.The 106cm wide and 33cm tall frame allows this trampoline to easily fit in the home, office, gym, or garden.
The frame’s and jumping mat’s materials make little noise during jumping, allowing for TV viewing, music listening, or communication during the workout.

Trampoline Length: 120 cm
Trampoline Width: 106 cm
Handlebar Rod Height: 140 cm (max)
Handlebar Length: 60 cm
Maximum User Weight: 120 kg
Trampoline Weight: 11 kg

Please Note:
Read all installation instructions carefully before assembling. This trampoline should always be assembled by at least two people together.
This trampoline is not intended as a children’s toy. Children should always be closely supervised when jumping on the trampoline and should never play on or close to the trampoline or its packaging materials.
  • Q:
    Is the handle meant to be really wobbly even screwed in?
    No. It should very stable. Make sure the the curved washers have been attached to the fitting bolts.
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