Easy Chime Wireless Doorbell Kit, 6 Melodies to Choose



  • Compact Design - Place this kit’s push button and receiver anywhere, and always be notified when a visitor arrives no matter where you are in the house.
  • 36 Selectable Ringtones - Choose from a variety of 36 different ringtones, with 3 levels of adjustable volume (High/Medium/Low) from 25-110dB.
  • 3 Notification Modes - Press the Sound-and-Flash Button to set your preferred notification mode. Modes include sound only, LED flash only, and sound and LED flash combined.
  • Easy Installation - The chiming receiver unit can be free standing or wall mounted using the included hardware. The wireless push button can be fixed to a doorframe with screws or using attached adhesive tapes. Waterproof push button effectively increases its security.
  • DIY Expandability - Expand this system to fit your needs by pairing up to 5 push buttons to your receiver. Each push button can also be paired with multiple receivers to increase the notification coverage area. Easily expandable to meet your requirements!

wireless doorbell kit1byone Wireless Household Alert Security System is an easy-to-install and DIY home security system, which is perfect for your office, apartment or home. Just rest in absolute ease!

Function Instruction
1. Door Chime Operation
Press the push button on the doorbell once, a sounding wireless signal will be sent to the receiver. The sound will stop as soon as the melody ends. For repeated sound, press the button again. Hold the button on, the sound repeat stops.

2. Melody Selection
There is a melody selector located at right on the back of the door chime. Press the selector to change into different melodies.

3. Sound and Flash
There is a switch at left on the back of the Receiver. Slide the switch to left, the Receiver will work only with sound; slide to middle, only LED flash; slide to right, sound and LED flash.

4. Volume Adjustment
There is a volume button between melody selector and sound-and-flash switch. Press it to adjust the sound volume to be high, medium and low.

5. Auto-learning Code Button
There is an auto-learning code button on the edge side of the receiver. If you want an additional doorbell to work with the Receiver, just press the auto-learning code button once and the doorbell can work with the Receiver.

6. Nameplate
There is a nameplate position on the doorbell.

A. Doorbell
Power: 1 x 3 Volts CR2032 battery (included)
B. Receiver
Power: 2 x 1.5 Volts AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Operating Temperature: -30℃ to +40℃
Operating Distance: 300 feet in the open air
Selectable Tone: 36 Polyphonic Melodies
Digital Code Type: Auto-learning

Box Contents:
1 x Receiver
1 x Doorbell
1 x 3 Volts CR2032 battery for Doorbell
3 x Wall Plugs
3 x Screws
1×Adhesive backing
1 x Instruction Manual

Does the push bottom part require a battery?

Yes.....it is a round battery. The diameter is about the size of a nickel but it comes with the battery. I had to buy my own batteries for the other part. It takes 2 AA batteries.
By Amy Claire on February 21, 2016
Yes it's a button battery you can find at Wal-Mart but I believe mine came with one.
By Jamie on February 21, 2016
By Mark A Sauer on February 22, 2016
Yes, the push button is battery powered. Thanks for your contact.
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on February 23, 2016
Yes it does, but it comes included CR2032
By J. ramirez on February 21, 2016
Yes, a CR 2032. Mine did not come with one. I had to order a pack of 6 of them for an additional $4.50. You can buy a battery like this almost anywhere. It is very common.
By Suzanne M on January 10, 2018

Hello can this bell get wet? I have no awning? to cover the bell

Hello, this item is waterproof; hope that can help you.
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on December 17, 2015
The button is rated as IP44, which means "Protected against water spray from all directions." Now, "spray" might be misleading as it does NOT mean a jet from a hose. It will be ok in the rain, but avoid spraying it directly with the hose.
By Hey Hey Trojan on June 4, 2016
You keep the "bell" part in your home. The only part that is outside is the button portion that you attach to the door frame outside. But if in doubt, please contact the manufacturer.
By LJS on December 14, 2015

I need to purchase a second pushbutton transmitter, but amazon says it isn't available or don't know if it will be again. Where can I can I get a one

l have the same issue .Even ı search all sources l could not find any seller to purchase a second transmitter.Sorry .
By Erkan on June 2, 2017
A company by the name of 1 by One sells them on ebay Customer service number is 909-391-3888
By Moonlyte DA on October 20, 2017
I am having trouble locating an extra push button as well. Does not exist on Amazon and could not find anything on Ebay
By Shanna on September 13, 2017
Customer Service:
Phone - 909-391-3888 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm PST)
Email - ushelp@1byone.com (include your Amazon Order ID# in the email)
By S. Jennings on May 9, 2018
I found a transmitter from Ebay for less than $6 that is for the 1ByOne Doorbell. It is easy to pair also.
By phil on August 28, 2017

Is it possible to have this door bell only flash (as in, make no sound)?

The one I got can ring, as well as ring and flash and also only flash (blue light)
By Monica Carrillo on June 25, 2015
By Hey Hey Trojan on June 4, 2016

Does it have a flashing light for someone that is deaf?

Yes, there is a switch at left on the back of the Receiver. Slide the switch to the left position, the Receiver will work only with sound; slide to the middle position, only LED flash; slide to the right position, sound and LED flash. Hope that can help you.
By 1byone Service Team on December 4, 2015
By Scott Young on December 4, 2015
By Kindle Customer on December 4, 2015
Yes, the receiver has a blue/red flashing light at the base.
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on December 4, 2015
By Creamo on December 4, 2015

Can you purchase additional receivers and if so where. I need three receivers and one push button.

All I am aware of is being able to buy 2 receivers and 1 push button. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer if you need more.
By Carol S. on May 16, 2017
Yes, you can get additional receivers and transmitters separately if you wish from Ebay. Just search for 1ByOne Doorbell.
Sorry Amazon, but they have them, and this is the best Door Bell I have found anywhere.
By phil on August 28, 2017
Dear customer,
I am so sorry that we don't sell the receiver separately.
Best Regards,
1byone Service Team
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on May 16, 2017

What are the dimensions of the actual doorbell (push button?)

Inside doorbell is 4 1/4" tall x 3" wide. Outside button is 3 1/4" x 1 1/4". Hope this helps!
By Harry Young on January 28, 2016
about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long
By cliffo on January 29, 2016
apx 2 inch length 1 inch width and about half inch depth
By Ro on January 28, 2016
It's about size number of a dime.
By Muralidharan Balakrishnan on January 28, 2016
The dimensions are 8ins in length, 3ins Wide and 3/4ins depth.
By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2016
I am sorry, but the unit is on my office door and I forgot to look ar it today.
By The Eagle on January 28, 2016

Does the push button part light up so you can see it at night?

It lights up AFTER you push the button. Which, in actuality, is kind of dumb. I have a pretty good porch light, so, it not being lit wasn't a big deal.
By Mike on August 20, 2016
I just went out and put my Hand over it to make it dark . It has a little green glow is all I can see. The button is white that shows up as the rest it dark brown
By Richard on August 20, 2016
By laurie on August 20, 2016
Hi Emily, it lights up after you push the button. While the button is white that shows up as the rest it dark brown.
Have a nice day,
1byone Service Team
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on August 23, 2016
See it at night? Hell u can see it in the bright daylight, what u talkin bout Willis?
By steve G. on August 20, 2016
By rellots on August 20, 2016

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