Recreate your own Winter Wonderland with the special 1by One Snow Maker

Recreate your own Winter Wonderland with the special 1by One Snow Maker

Skiing is a sport that everyone loves to play. Even if you are a beginner you will love spending time skiing and be playing with snow. The tourist places famous for snow and skiing would be benefitted only during the seasonal months that are when Snow machines gained popularity. There are many products developed that would help make snow. From a variety of snowmakers, you can select the one which fulfills your needs.

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 Artificially making snow includes taking water and atomize it into small droplets freeze each one into a snow crystal from the time it leaves the nozzle to when it hits the ground.

 How do snowmakers work?

You need two things to create snow those are water and cool temperatures. There are two types of snowmaking machines Snow gun and Airless Snow Gun.

You need to mix some sort of nucleator into the water supply. The water will already contain lots of stuff that can act as nucleators, but increasing the count is a good idea because it ensures that more water droplets will freeze before they reach the ground. 

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The airless snow guns use a simple nozzle to atomize water into fine mist. The water droplets are then blown up into the air by a powerful fan. The main advantage of this design is that you don't have to hook the snow gun up to a compressed-air supply -- you only have to provide water and a power source. Some other snow gun designs actually atomize the water with high-speed fans.It takes a lot of energy to change water from liquid state to solid, you need to remove the heat from the water of fusion.If it is cold enough there are not many efforts required but if it is only a little below freezing, you may need additional components to help the process along. Some snow machines have special cooling units to speed the freezing process when the natural conditions aren't cold enough to do the job.


1byone Snow Flake Machine


1. Easy and safe to use: The snowflake juice can be turned into a dancing snowflake and this change is really vivid. On/Off button on the rear panel makes it easy to use the machine. There is Red LED indicator to check whether the liquid is over.

2. High performance, high quality, high output are the additional qualities of the Snowflake machine.

3. The right snow machine for any disco, DJ, house parties, Stage, Camping Field, Halloween, and Christmas, providing an amazing snow atmosphere.

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How To Use?

  1. Prepare a Specialized snow Liquid, put it near the power socket which is clean, open and flat surface. Unscrew the lid by rotating it on the anti-clockwise and put the liquid into the tank, do not spill it on the product body.
  2. Don’t overfill, cut, pinch, and break the tube connected to the tank lid. Now close it and make sure there’s enough liquid in the machine. You need to connect the wired controller to the female wired socket.
  3. Connect the wired controller to the Controller Female socket. Now connect the plug of the machine to the proper power socket.
  4. There’s an ON/OFF switch present which tells you whether the machine is in on or off condition.
  5. Switch off the machine when not in use and keep in mind that it is not on when you are filling the liquid.


The artificial snow machine lights up the mood of every party or wedding by making the atmosphere cold and icy thus you can recreate your own “FROZEN” at home or any place you wish or like with 1byOne’s Snowflake machine Get this machine at a cheap discounted rate of $ 47.69 only on Amazon.







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