Amplified Outdoor Antenna with Omni-directional 360 Degree Reception

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  • New Concept Design: Modern and upgraded outdoor antenna, the compact size reduces wind load, providing much better signal reliability on windy or rainy days. Anti-UV coating and waterproof/snowproof design allow shielding for minimum interference
  • 360 Degree Omni-directional Reception: Receive signal from all directions, no need to rotate, no need the remote control as traditional huge outdoor antennas required to change the receiving direction for better signal. The receiving ability and materials are far better than Yagi antennas
  • Save Your Installation Fee: Tools-free and easier installation. Compared with big size traditional yagi antenna, this modern antenna is much easier to install by our included accessories
  • Never Pay Expensive Cable or Satellite Fees again: 1byone Omni-directional tv antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs in full HD to any digital-ready TV, VHF/UHF/FM, VHF: 87.5-230MHz;UHF: 470-862MHz
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup – Our included 20-foot coaxial cable makes it easy for you to place the amplified antenna in the area with the best reception, especially useful for customers whose TV's are not near windows

1byone New Concept Series TV Antenna

Our new concept antenna is attractive, fashionable, compact, easy to set up, and omni-directional so it receives all your local channels no matter the broadcast tower’s direction.
1byone is a global leader in TV accessories. Come join our 1byone family of over 1 million satisfied customers and counting.

Antenna Features:
1. Fashionable design to beautify your living building.
2. Easy installation as the Pre-assembled antenna.
3. Compact design to save more space and decorate your home.
4. Save your money, no need huge installation fee as traditional ourdoor tv antennas required.
5. Various mounting options: balcony, attic, living room, window with mast, roof,etc.

1byone Omni-directional HDTV Antenna
No need the remote control as traditional outdoor antennas required to change the receiving direction for better signal.
This 360° reception outdoor tv antenna provides excellent receiving ability in different directions, no need to adjust antenna by manual any more.
The receiving ability of this modern antenna are much better than yagi antennas, so does the Anti-UV coating and waterproof/snowproof durable materials.

NOTE: Channel reception depends on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers
and your surroundings(i.e. obstructions between you and the towers).

New Concept Outdoor TV Antenna Specification:
Frequency Range: 87.5-230MHz; 470-862MHz
Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Antenna Gain: 32dB
Impedance: 75Ω
Output Level:100dBμV
Noise figure: ≤3dB
Power Supply: Via USB Adapter (5V/100mA)

Package Includes:
1. Amplified Antenna
2. Power Supply Box
3. USB Power Cable
4. Optional Power Adapter 5V 100mA
5. 20ft. Coaxial Cable with Waterproof Kit
6. Instruction Manual

How any antenna words depends on your exact location. does anyone know how to find out about that? or even, how does it do in mesa az?

I made a list of TO DOs for Antenna buyers I'll share here:
1. First go to TVFOOL dot com. And type in your ZIP CODE. You will see a color coded list of possible channels, and the most informative info of any antenna site.
2. From their list for your Zip Code look at the specs called "LOS" [Line of site -- can you see the tower?] and "1-edge" and "2-edge" -- this tells how many mountains are in your distance making these channels more difficult to get their signal.
3. IF you are too close to a Tower, disconnect the 'amplifier' and try again without it. YOU may have to move the Antenna around to 'AIM' it directly at the visible tower [ I have to do the 'aiming' in order to get the 13 available channels I get.
4. An antenna with the largest size [square inches] will pick up better reception from my experience. This 1byOne antenna is larger size [sq. inches of surface] and as soon as it arrives tomorrow will test it out on my TV's. My local channels are all "LOS -- Line of site" so I will aim the new antennas at the visible tower [8 miles away]. Even the multi antennas have to be aimed by me and I returned a ANTV AMPLIFIED antenna - reception was worse than non-amplified due to closeness of 8 mile away towers!
** YOU will not receive 30-50-100 channels UNLESS the towers are near you and are not obstructed by mountains/terrain etc. TVFOOL,com list will give you best idea WHAT channels are within your reach/terrain/distance/line of sight. And "NO"... no one is paying me or giving me free antennas I also pay with my own money, just sharing my findings to fellow Amazon shoppers, as many of us do at times. Good luck and happy channel hunting. I can only get 13 total in-range channels from my location, Quite Happy with that. 
By Dan Y on February 26, 2017

What purpose does the ac/dc adapter serve? required for fm station reception? please comment on the fm signal improvement capability... thanks!

from my understanding it helps boost the signal. I use mine on top of my house and have it going into a splitter on the side of my house. I put an amp going into the splitter, then attached all the coaxials to each room into the splitter, and I can watch all the channels in any room in my house. It works pretty good, as good as any single attached antenna to a TV. 
By Mark L on May 27, 2016

What is the difference between the 60 mile radius round antenna or the square model?

From the picture, if this is the unit you are referring to, this round one looks to be an out door mount, the one I purchased was the square indoor one with a 60 mile distance rating and is about 1/2 the cost. The square one I purchased is for indoor use only I just have stuck to a wall decoration on a north wall and it works great since all of the transmission towers in my area are about 35 to 50 miles north and east of where I live. I get 9 full digital channels with no pixilation. Hope this helps. Good luck 
By LNeidermann on October 4, 2015

What temperatures is it rate for? It's a bit hot here in the desert.

I don't see any mention of temperature on the website, on the packaging, or in the instructions, but there is mention that the product is All Weather Proof with Anti-UV coating. Here is the product website info: 
By mbm on February 21, 2016

How many tvs

I have 3 tvs on one antennae with a signal booster splitter. Good reception on all 3. 
By birdman on January 25, 2017

does the amplifier have to be close to the antenna?

No. My antenna is on the roof and my amplifier is next to the tv. This is the best antenna I've found. 
By Janet M. Gillies on February 2, 2017

What is the antenna impedance?

The connector that you hook to your TV is RG6 with and F59 screw on connector, so it is obviously 75 Ohms. I'm sure you could hook up a balun if you have an older set with the 2 wire 300 Ohm connection. 
By 2-busy-2 on April 6, 2016

Can I hook one unit up to a radio and a TV

Yes. Just put line from antennae into splitter. The more you split the more signal loss though.. 
By hans on April 3, 2016

Am i able to see cable channels or just basic abc, cbs. nbc?

No, this antenna is for antenna tv (stations that broadcast thru the air). Cable stations are brought in via cable and sat.) 
By Jim Beam on October 21, 2015

has anyone mounted this in an attic? I'm wondering how well it will perform in attic, because i really don't want to drill any holes to the outside

have mine mounted in the NW corner of my attic (the same direction it was suggested I get the best signal from), works great. 
By Scarletthairedgirl on January 29, 2016

Does this work for xbox one

No, the antenna is hooked to you TV, not the xbox. :) 
By 1byone Service Team on September 18, 2015

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