1byone Attic/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Apmlified VHF & UHF Combo TV Antenna

Model: OUS00-0555   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 45.99   45.99 Free shipping
  • Free for Life - Get all your local channels crystal clear and absolutely free including local news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs! Simply connect the antenna to your TV using a coaxial cable, perform a channel scan, and you'll be enjoying free TV in minutes.
  • The Best Picture and Sound Quality - Experience HDTV in the highest quality picture and sound available as over-the-air broadcasts are transmitted in uncompressed full HD (1080P), ultra HD (4K), 3D channels, and also often in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, far surpassing what cable and satellite offer.
  • Includes Mounting Pole and Amplifier - A J-shaped mounting pole is included for easy installation and a built-in high gain and low noise amplifier provides super-long distance reception up to 85 miles.
  • Withstands Outdoor Weather and Receives HDTV/VHF/UHF - Optimized for 1080P digital reception and can pick up free local VHF and UHF high-definition and standard definition signals. The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.
  • Buyer Guarantee - We stand behind our antenna 100% with a 12-month warranty. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all new antennas to allow suitability testing for your area.
1byone is a Global Leader in TV Accessories. Come Join Our 1byone Family of Over 5 Million Satisfied Customers and Counting!

Outdoor TV Antenna Specification:
Frequency Range:174-230MHz; 470-862MHz
Receiving Range: VHF/UHF
Built-in Amplified Antenna Gain: 21-23dB for VHF; 26-28dB for UHF
Impedance: 75Ω
Power Supply Input: AC 110V 60Hz
Power Supply Output: DC 12V 100mA

Package Include:
1x Outdoor Antenna
1x Power Supply Unit (PSU)
1x 1.5m coaxial cable (from PSU to TV)
1x 21-Inch J-shape Pole
1x Mounting Base
1x User Manual
2x 6*19mm screw
1x 6*43mm screw
3x 6mm hexagon nut
2x 7*45 mm Plastic Anchor Bolt

Please Note:
1. If you are using a flat screen HDTV, please check your TV's manual to make sure your TV has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcasts. Also check to make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your HDTV or third-party HD receiver;
2. Re-Scan for Channels. In the TV’s setup menu, set the mode to Antenna or Air. Refer to the TV manual for detailed instructions;
3. Make sure your tuner can receive HD signals, otherwise you won't be able to receive and watch HD channels;
4. Signal quality determines picture quality and how many channels you can receive. Once you receive the antenna, please try to place the antenna in various locations to find a best signal reception spot . After finding the optimal location for your antenna, you may be surprised by how many HD channels you receive;
5. If your TV has no built-in tuner, you can add an ATSC digital converter box to receive the HD signal, put B01N5MLC1M into Amazon search box for 1byone converter box;
6. Before you buy, find out what channels are available in your area by visit "dtv.gov/maps" or "tvfool";
7. Mounting pole not included - Put B013057BDU or B01MZ21OFD into Amazon search box for 1byone pole.

Installation Method J-Pole Mount
Power Source AC, DC
Connector Gender Male
Material Type Aluminum
Frequency range 174-230MHz, 470-862MHz
Receiving range VHF/UHF;
Gain 3-5dB, 8-10dB
Amplifier Gain 18dB
No. of Elements 8
Joseph L Walker 02/27/2017
We have this split off on 3 different tvs in the house and it gets all the local stations and we're a good 15 miles from the cit

We bought a new house and needed a whole house antenna solutions. I was able to mount this to the existing pole where the Dish Network satellite used to be (had to take it apart and put in longer mounting bolts). We have this split off on 3 different tvs in the house and it gets all the local stations and we're a good 15 miles from the city center. It even gets a signal from the station 50 miles north of us. I like this unit because its smaller & the design isn't visually offensive on my roof.

jimco1 02/14/2017
works better than I expected wist they had spent another 15 ...

works better than I expected wist they had spent another 15 cents on a second long bolt for mounting mast to bracket instead of 2 short bolts with my big fingers and on roof never could get them to work so made a trip to hardware and spent .20 and bought one and then no problems. Picking up and holding more channels that the big antenna I had on roof.

E. Jones 02/06/2017
which is pretty flat and non-obstructing as far as signals go

Finally cut the cable. I live in Florida, which is pretty flat and non-obstructing as far as signals go. I get 60+ channels extremely clear, went through several storms and never lost my channels. With AT&t, constantly lost signal for whatever reason, not to mention AT&T customer service (if you want to call it that). When I called AT&t to cancel service, they flat out told me I had to keep their "basic" cable service, or if I was using too much bandwidth for my internet service, they would "throttle" it down. These cable companies have you by the balls! AT&T sucks. Get one of these antennas. And tell AT&T to suck it.

JPC 02/05/2017
It works great

For the price it can't be beat. I receive all local channels in the 60 mi.range in crystal clear HD(with some fine tuning) and have cut the cable cord and now use directtv now and Netflix/Amazon for additional content. NOTE: make sure that your coax cable from antenna is not touching other cords or HDMI cables you may have. This caused interference and "noise" with my reception and loss of signal. Also check out Antennaweb.org or similar website to locate broadcast towers in order to determine where to point your antenna.

Mike Davis 02/05/2017
Great product

This antenna comes with all of the hardware needed to install and is very easy to install. I have it mounted in my attic approximately 25' from the ground level and I am picking up stations from 75 miles away very clearly. I have only had it installed for a couple of weeks so I can speak to durability but I am very pleased with the outcome so far.

T. Blikre 02/03/2017
Performance fell short, but vendor stepped up.

Affiliates for the major networks are all just over 20 miles from me. I mounted this antenna on the side of my house near the roofline and aimed it based on info from tvfool dot com. I picked up just two major UHF stations but not a single VHF. Still, better than I was getting with my indoor antenna.


Vendor contacted me after reading review and offered a refund, and did not require me to dismount and ship back the antenna. Good way to stand behind your product. This may work for you, but if not ask the vendor for a refund.

B. Emerson 01/30/2017
Nice antenna

I live about 70 miles from the TV tower and all of the broadcasts are very clear. It resolves the digital transmissions much better than I expected. I wasn't sure how well it would perform as I am near the 85 mile range that was advertised. (I don't usually trust claims like that). But, I am quite pleased.

Amazon Customer 01/27/2017
This antenna is very easy to put together and shipping was fast

Was originally going to install this antenna outside but decided to install it in the attic instead to avoid outside elements. It is currently connected to 2 TVs and it picked up 38 OTA channels..The channels on the TVs are very clear and there has been no issues with reception. This antenna is very easy to put together and shipping was fast.

Rachel Beason 01/26/2017
GREAT ANTENNA - and the Price - cannot beat the PRICE!

I purchased this to replace the smaller indoor antennas that did not provide a great signal for one of my televisions. We ended up installing it sitting in the rafters in my garage. So no real installation happening there. My boyfriend was able to tie this antenna into the existing wiring in my house and the one antenna works for both of the TVs we currently have hooked up. Picture is clear and we get all the channels we wanted (plus some we didn't). I ended up buying the new TIVO Roamio to record over the air shows and with this antenna and the recording capabilities its just like having cable - without the cost!

Brian Ages 01/25/2017
It's showtime!

This deal is HUGE! As everyone I'm tired of paying so much for TV. I have to laugh that I completely forgot about TV transmission towers and believed the world was a cable only enviroment. I set this antenna up in 10 minutes after prepping the battlefield (wiring rooms). The antennas are 42 miles from my house and I now recieve 32 channels in crystal clear quality! ABC, CBS, NBC, and many more. Netflix is my entertainment but I wanted live local news without cable. I have been bragging all day at work....it seems everyone has forgotten about the old antenna. Outstanding product in quality, performance, and price!

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