1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna with Power Supply Box

Model: OUS00-0551   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
$ 29.99   29.99
  • Free for Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! Get all your local channels crystal clear and absolutely free! The 1byone antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs in full HD. Simply connect the antenna to your TV using a coaxial cable, perform a channel scan, and in minutes you'll be enjoying free local HD programming..
  • The Best Picture and Sound Quality - You can now experience HDTV in the highest quality picture and sound available. Over-the-air broadcasts are transmitted in uncompressed full HD (1080P), ultra HD (4K), and 3D channels, far surpassing what cable and satellite offer. Many local broadcasts are digitally aired in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound giving you the ultimate sound stage for watching live television.
  • Receive Free Local HDTV and UHF Signals - Optimized for 1080P digital reception, the 1byone antenna allows you to pick up free local UHF high-definition and standard definition signals.
  • Superior Construction - The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions. Maximum Range: 80 Miles.
  • Buyer Guarantee - We stand behind our antenna 100% with a 12-month warranty. Please note that over-the-air reception is dependent upon environmental factors and we cannot guarantee reception in all conditions. We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders to allow you to test the antenna's suitability in your area.
Perfect Backup Antenna

Enjoy all your local broadcasts from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and other local networks with expanded programming for kids, news, sports, sitcoms and more with no cost or contracts.
Imagine never paying a monthly cable or satellite bill to enjoy your favorite shows. Also, the 1byone Antenna is the perfect backup in case of bad weather when your cable or satellite goes out. With an antenna, you can watch your local weather broadcast to stay informed and safe.

Receive Free Local HDTV UHF Signals

Optimized for 1080 digital reception, 1byone Antenna allows you to pick up free local UHF high-definition and standard definition signals. The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.
With a range of up to 80 miles yet only taking up 1 meter of space, the 1byone Antenna is ideal for solving challenging outdoor antenna placement requirements.

Locate Digital TV Broadcast Towers

The distance from the broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit www.antennapoint.com and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This information will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and aiming your antenna for the best results.

Buyer Guarantee

We stand behind all our antennas with our 1byone 12-month warranty. Note: Purchase 1byone's mounting pole for easier installation.
Mount Type Outdoor-Roof
Power Source AC, DC
Connector Gender Male
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Frequency range 470-862MHz;
Receiving range UHF;
Gain 9-13dB;
Amplifier Gain 18dB;
No. of Elements 10
CLR 10/19/2016
I'll update my posting if it works better! Thinking about sending it back! Update mounted outside works good!

In my area I'm 35 to 40 miles from the Tv stations. Doesn't work well indoors have yet to mount it outside. Not real sure about it. I'll update my posting if it works better! Thinking about sending it back! Update!!!
Mounted it putside on pole next to house. Works Great! Get all local channels!

Mauser 10/08/2016
Good Antenna with a Strong Amplifier

I live in a rural mountain area where all broadcast towers are one peak. The actual distance is probably only about 25-30 miles, but my house is in a deep hollow with a high ridge totally blocking line-of-sight to the transmitters. Most antennas do not work at all here, but I have found one very small spot on the southern wall of my house (only about 1 foot square) that seems to get decent signal reflection from somewhere. Four of the low power translators put out signals around 0.5 kw which I can receive with several amplified antennas I have tried, but the ABC translator is only using 0.1 kw, and the signal is so weak that most of my equipment cannot even detect those channels. With this antenna mounted in that same little spot on the wall, even that 0.1 kw signal comes in fine! My equipment reports a relative signal strength on that week translator about twice as strong as it saw with the previous best antenna I had tried.

One very good thing is that the amplifier is NOT part of the antenna, this means you have a choice to not use it if you happen to find strong signals (over-driving signals in some equipment can cause more problems than weak signals). Although the amplifier must be located indoors, that should not be an issue for almost any installation, and it guarantees that you will never have problems from water leakage like you see with some antennas that have the amplifier built in.

Do note that this is ONLY a UHF antenna. The vast majority of current digital broadcast stations are all on UHF frequencies (channels 14 - 51), but if you have any local channels that are broadcast on physical channels 2 - 13, this is NOT the correct antenna for you. You must check the actual broadcast frequency, NOT just the display channel number, since many channels still display the old VHF channel numbers that they used prior to the conversion to digital transmission in 2009. For example, my local ABC station uses a display channel of 7-1, but the actual broadcast frequency is on channel 31.

T 10/06/2016
Awesome! Free HDTV!

I live about 40 miles from the Sutra tower in SF and this broadcasts perfectly! Just make sure it's facing the direction of the tower you want to connect with, I ended up with a bunch of Spanish channels when turned the other direction!

Reeba Deen 10/05/2016
BEAST PULLS IN 46 channels in Fringe areas!

Can't say much about this antenna, Except it's the strongest little beast I've seen online. For the price, it's 110% worth it. All reviews about this antenna being great is TRUE! I'm in a "Fringe" area, but this antenna is the ONLY one that picks up stations 77 miles from our home. Usually at a solid 40-50% signal at night, but a strength of 90-100% lock in signal, nearly 80 miles away during off peak traffic times. Either way, this antenna is a STEAL in my book.... Don't let it's looks fool you! This baby locks in channels as far as Virginia late late at night, which is almost 300 miles from my fringe area. However, Baltimore will come in briefly at times but will not hold for more then 30-60 mins. So if this antenna is capable of picking up major networks "hundreds" of miles away... Just think of how well it works within that 80 mile radious.... I RECOMMEND this product to anyone in fringe areas, or looking to get a NICE 1080HD & 4K look. The picture makes cable look like crap!! Try this beast out for yourself!!

Todd D. Hudson 10/03/2016
Performs above expectations

I don't write many Amazon reviews due to lack of time, but I had to chime in on this antenna, since I bought it largely due to the great reviews I read on Amazon before making the purchase. The reviews were very helpful when choosing and setting up the product.
I live in a hilly, wooded area, and can't even get a satellite TV system without cutting down a large number of trees. According to the websites that show where the nearest broadcast channels are, I'm over 60 miles from any broadcast towers, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. We have another powered antenna that is made for indoor use, and we could only get a very few channels using it, and it wasn't consistent.
So when I first hooked this up and could find over 20 channels, I was very happy, indeed. This was from a temporary hook-up on our front porch, just to test the product.
This weekend, I crawled in our attic and hooked the antenna up, and ran cable down to our basement where our splitter is located. The antenna found over 30 channels, and, since it found the 4 major channels that my wife and I wanted, we decided not to tweak it and risk losing any of the major channels, so we left it as is. Maybe later I'll see if we can get even more channels.
Running through the splitter, I've tried two of our televisions, and both receive the 30 channels, so I'm assuming the rest of our televisions will be the same. As the other reviews suggest, I put the amplifier right before the splitter, so that the amplified signal would go to all televisions.
Anyway, the antenna has performed above expectations. I don't generally like writing a review without giving it more time, but it's hard not to recognize how great this antenna is, with the distance I have to cover to pull a signal. If anything changes drastically I'll try to update.

Geoffrey Davis 10/01/2016
Great direction antenna. I mounted it in the attic but could be mounted outdoors.

Purchased this for testing in our attic. Line of site to transmitter is about 37 miles.
I had tried an indoor "flat" antenna and was able to receive some channels. Other channels had obviously a weak signal because they would pixelate and disappear regularly.
I purchased this antenna and, as mentioned, installed it in the attic above the garage. Assembly was relatively simple.
I experimented first using just cable ties to hold the antenna in place. Reception was very good. I then used a PVC pipe and screwed it to a beam in the attic and then attached this antenna to the pipe.
Most of the broadcast stations are due south (actually 189 degrees) so I oriented the antenna in that direction.
I connected this antenna's cable directly to my cable running into the rest of the house.
Tuned the TV as per instructions.
Reception GREAT!!!

Nguyen P 09/30/2016
This INCREDIBLE little antenna.liberated me from cable

I live >25 miles south of Boston, in a wooded area, and have always been under the impression that an antenna is not feasible. Hence for more than 25 years, I've been stuck paying for cable...and hated it for more than just a money issue.

The last straw that breaks the camel's back was in August 2016, when my cable bill increased again.

Where I live, Verizon FiOS is only available for Internet and phone but not TV. Both services are superior to cable. This antenna is what makes my cord cutter an overwhelming success.

Goodbye cable FOREVER!

So...here are the pros:
1. The cheapest HD antenna
2. Works extremely well
3. Lightweightand very easy to assemble, all by hands, no tool is needed
4. I chose to install the antenna in my attic at a height of roughly 20' mainly due to aesthetic considerations as well as the antenna very light construction. I ran the 50' cable down the basement then up to the TV, then connect to the included amplifier
5. My TV tuner picks up all channels from Boston as well as Providence, with all local stations in solid HD. Many Spanish channels were also available both HD and 480i
6. I've researched for weeks via reviews, YouTube, forums, and even with friends who had used antenna. This unit is the absolutely best choice for 3 aspects: works extremely well, very affordable, and very easy to assemble, as well as install.

Cons: NONE

For all of you out there who have been thinking about cutting the cord, I strongly recommend you to check out in advance how your location will fare with local stations by using tvfool dot com.
As for me, this site educates me enough, giving me that needed courage to cut the cord.
Btw, I believe that the location plays a MAJOR role in what HD/non-HD channels this antenna will pick up.
I won't say for other makes/models, but for this specific little antenna, it picks up all channels listed in tvfool dot com site and more.
You definitely must check this site out as part of your HD antenna researches

Falcon1620 09/24/2016
Awesome antenna fixed my reception.

Awesome little antenna. A little assembly but it was easy to follow. I now have all my TVs running of this guy. Point it in the right direction and it picks up great. Really needed a Yagi design. Check online to see if your channels are broadcast in the band this is designed for and that this design works for you. A little antenna research here goes a long way. There are lots of designs to meet your needs. All my signals are from the same point and this antenna was in band. It may work with others close by but it's not going to give the best signal strength. The coax quality you use is also important. Low quality coax will have lots of loss and degrade your results. I replaced a couple of sets of rabbit ears which had a couple of channels at best. The directional design pulled in what I wanted easy peasy.

KimmyC 09/16/2016
Great reception and works indoors.

This antenna is the perfect one for my home and area. I tried a flat one first but reception was so so and I had to keep moving it around the room to get a good signal for whatever channel I was watching. This ones is made by the same company and only a few dollars more and I prefer it much more. My location (mountains) was a big reason the flat antenna didn't work as well and why I traded up for this one. The flat one may work perfectly in your area.

As for this one, unlike the flat antenna it comes in pieces so that freaked me out a little at first, I hate assembling things because I suck at it. But after I stopped over thinking it I looked at the picture and saw that it shots be easy to put together and it was. Steps included were helpful but mostly just looking at where things go according to the picture and you'll snap it right together in no time. It takes no tools. It uses screws and wing nuts so anyone can put it together in about five minutes.

It comes with one cable so you may want to order the kit with the extra cable or order it separately. The included one is basically long enough fir hooking up the amplifier (power supply unit which is included) to the tv so the cable you'll need to buy is the one you'll be running from the antenna to the amplifier box (right next to your tv). I had a extra cable about 15 feet long and that ended up being perfect for our use as I ended up placing the antenna only about 10 feet away.

I tested the antenna by placing it outside first and scanned channels and then moved it inside and just sat it inside laundry room shelf and it worked much better inside on the shelf. Which is nice since now I won't need to put it on the roof or get more cable to place it somewhere else outside.

I get 22 channels, 20 of which I'll use and for our area (in a valley surrounded by mountains) that's very good. The quality is also excellent. HD channels look better than when we had cable.

It's nice being able to keep the antenna indoors and still get such good reception. I think it'll last longer that way and it's easier to move if we should need to point it in a different direction.

This antenna doesn't come with a pole so if you're placing it outdoors you'll want to order one or I see they have a kit that includes a pole for just $2 extra and that sounds worth it.
Overall this is a great antenna that's not super big or cumbersome, easy to setup and place, and even works indoors! Definitely worth it and I hope my review is of help.

doc 08/31/2016
MUCH better than the plastic sheet

A few weeks ago, I had purchased a HDTV Antenna, '1byone Super Thin Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna - 25 Miles Range with 10ft High Performance Coax Cable.' My review was as follows: "Ya get what you pay for-I had bought the plain Jane rabbit ears and only got 3 channels, so like everything else, usually the more money you pay-you should get a better product, so I bought this small sheet of plastic to stick to my window. Same thing 3 channels. Just for kicks, I wondered if I ran a splitter and hooked both this one and rabbit ears up was there any chance to get a couple more channels? Interesting. I now get 10 digital and 1 analog channels.It works for me...I mean what's the alternative? Be gouged by the cable company? I just wish there was something to get rid of all commercials without having to buy a machine or pay a monthly fee. A few days after I wrote my review, the company wrote me and said "I noticed you write a 3 stars review to complain the antenna does not work well. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. For this issue, we’d like to send you a stronger antenna to have a try for free. I explained I am on a budget so they just replaced the prior one with a "1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic HDTV Antenna, 80 Miles Range with Power Supply Box Extremely High Performance for UHF Band" and said "If you are satisfied with our service, would you please kindly help us change the review as the tips I told you? You can just delete the review, it will be much easier." The instructions are confusing so I kind of winged it by looking at the picture on the box. For now, I have it run through my double pain window, connected to one TV. Instead of 11 channels, I get 14, BUT they are crystal clear as promised. Eventually, I will figure out how to connect it outside to the splitter the cable company left up and hopefully be able to use this one antenna for all 5 of my TV's. For the record, I never 'complained.' When I had 66 channels with a cable service, and was paying $30-$40 a month, I really only watched 2 channels. The beauty of this is I can still watch those same 2 channels but for free now. Thanks 1byone! I WILL recommend your antenna!

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