1byone High Gain VHF / UHF Combo TV antenna 65 Miles Outdoor Antenna

Model: 203NA-0001   |   Brand: 1Byone     
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  • Free for Life - Never pay your cable or satellite fee for television again! The 1byone antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs. Simply connect the antenna to your TV using a coaxial cable, perform a channel scan, and in minutes you'll be enjoying your free local programs.
  • The Best Picture and Sound Quality - You can now experience HDTV in the highest quality picture and sound available. Over-the-air broadcasts are transmitted in uncompressed full HD (1080P), ultra HD (4K) and 3D channels; far surpassing what cable and satellite can offer.
  • Receive Free Local HDTV, VHF and UHF Signals - The 1byone antenna allows you to pick up free local VHF and UHF high-definition and standard definition signals. Maximal Range: 65 Miles.
  • Superior Construction - The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation - Antenna comes mostly pre-assembled, only minor assembly required.
Perfect Backup Antenna

Enjoy all your local broadcasts from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and other local networks with a broad variety of sitcoms, news, kids, sports programs and more with no cost or contracts.
Imagine never paying a monthly cable or satellite bill to enjoy your favorite shows. Also, the 1byone Antenna is the perfect backup in case of bad weather when your cable or satellite goes out. With an antenna, you can watch your local weather to stay informed.

Receive Free Local HDTV VHF UHF Signals

Optimized for 1080 digital reception, 1byone Antenna allows you to pick up free local VHF UHF high-definition and standard definition signals. The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.
With a range of up to 65 miles yet only taking up 1 meter of space, the 1byone Antenna is ideal for solving challenging outdoor antenna placement requirements.

Locate Digital TV Broadcast Towers

The distance from the broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit http://dtv.gov/maps and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This website will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and will show you the optimal alignment for your antenna.

Buyer Guarantee

1byone 12 months Warranty assures you of its superior build quality. Note: Get 1byone mounting pole for easier installation.
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Mount Type Outdoor-Roof,
Receiving range VHF, UHF
Range 65 miles
LT4 02/17/2017
Don't waist your money

I got 2 channels on this, and my RV trailer antenna received 12. This thing is crap!

S. Menze 02/13/2017
Three Stars

Very big did not work

Alicia R. 01/29/2017
Awesome Antenna!

My boyfriend lives out in the middle of nowhere so there is no digital TV signal without a large TV antennae. We have tried the flat ones, but they have a hard time getting any reception. It was easy to put together, install and hook up. It does not come with the coaxial cable so make sure you have or order that for this antenna. Once we got it installed we had so many more channels and they actually came in clear. This is great because it allows us to watch TV without having to pay for cable. One thing great about it is that it isn't big and bulky. It's the perfect size without having an eyesore of an antenna. We are so happy to have this Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna by 1byone.

Amazon Customer 01/28/2017
Five Stars

Worked perfectly and our picture for local stations is amazingly clear!

GCK 01/23/2017

It finally works after a fashion but instructions have no words at all and no trouble shooting discussion. It didn't work in the beginning but after looking around, we found a hidden Direct TV control box which we needed to get rid of. Once we got rid of the Direct TV control box, it works just OK but I really prefer the more expensive one from Fry Electronics. I'll sell this one and buy the other one from Fry's Electronics.

Martin K. Zimmerman 01/09/2017
It was easy to install and provides great HDTV reception to my ...

The product works perfectly. It was easy to install and provides great HDTV reception to my two TVs. Everything about this transaction went well, from ordering to delivery and installation. It is also very reasonably-priced.

Amazon Customer 01/04/2017
Works great for the money but not sure how long it will last

When I put the antenna together, the coax cable pulled out of its ends. Luckily, I had a few spare ends lying around and was able to fix the cable. Almost broke the black plastic piece the coax cable plugs into when attaching the cable. The mount is sturdy, but you will need a mast to mount the antenna to. I used the mast from my old satellite dish, and it worked perfectly. Although all of the area stations transmit from roughly the same location about 20 miles away, this antenna has better reception and a crisper picture then the RCA antenna it replaces. I am very satisfied with the reception, but am very concerned about the construction and how long it will survive the weather (ice, wind, cold, heat, etc).

Kraig Meyer 12/31/2016
Great, reasonably priced antenna for over-the-air TV

San Francisco, because of its hills, can be dicey for picking up over the air TV signals. The area that I live in has direct line of site to Sutro Tower, about a half mile away with multiple TV stations. The challenge: the stations that aren't on that tower are either behind a mountain or 35-65 miles away. The ones behind a mountain (which include NBC) are noted as "2Edge" and a 29 dB noise margin from the TVFool website. The NBC station is notorious for not being able to be picked up over the air in certain parts of San Francisco. I was able to find a direction to point this antenna that picked up all of the stations crystal clear, they look great and somewhat better than I was getting with Comcast.

I can't really explain the positioning of the antenna direction (e.g. whether the black bar should be point towards the broadcast signal; away from the broadcast signal or at 90 degrees to the broadcast signal). The antenna is highly directional, though, as I noticed that even some of the channels that are a half mile away do not come in clearly if the antenna is rotated slightly.

The instructions are pretty vague, though I still found assembly easy enough based on the photo on the box.

I reused the base of my old satellite dish mount and added a "mast to mast mounting kit for small diameter pipes" and a "35 inch mast extension" which worked beautifully to mount this antenna as can be seen in the photo.

A. Reid 11/12/2016
Five Stars

Great cord cutter addition. 25 m from towers and works like a charm

Bradley Stone 10/03/2016
Works Great!

Tried one of those square window units and only got 2 channels of a very close tower. Put this on the already existing tripod on our 2 story house and got 48 channels. Worked very well!

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