1byone High Gain VHF / UHF Combo TV antenna 65 Miles Outdoor Antenna

Model: 203NA-0001   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
$ 44.99   44.99
  • Free for Life - Never pay your cable or satellite fee for television again! The 1byone antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs. Simply connect the antenna to your TV using a coaxial cable, perform a channel scan, and in minutes you'll be enjoying your free local programs.
  • The Best Picture and Sound Quality - You can now experience HDTV in the highest quality picture and sound available. Over-the-air broadcasts are transmitted in uncompressed full HD (1080P), ultra HD (4K) and 3D channels; far surpassing what cable and satellite can offer.
  • Receive Free Local HDTV, VHF and UHF Signals - The 1byone antenna allows you to pick up free local VHF and UHF high-definition and standard definition signals. Maximal Range: 65 Miles.
  • Superior Construction - The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation - Antenna comes mostly pre-assembled, only minor assembly required.
Perfect Backup Antenna

Enjoy all your local broadcasts from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and other local networks with a broad variety of sitcoms, news, kids, sports programs and more with no cost or contracts.
Imagine never paying a monthly cable or satellite bill to enjoy your favorite shows. Also, the 1byone Antenna is the perfect backup in case of bad weather when your cable or satellite goes out. With an antenna, you can watch your local weather to stay informed.

Receive Free Local HDTV VHF UHF Signals

Optimized for 1080 digital reception, 1byone Antenna allows you to pick up free local VHF UHF high-definition and standard definition signals. The cross-phase, multi-element design is built with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.
With a range of up to 65 miles yet only taking up 1 meter of space, the 1byone Antenna is ideal for solving challenging outdoor antenna placement requirements.

Locate Digital TV Broadcast Towers

The distance from the broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit http://dtv.gov/maps and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This website will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and will show you the optimal alignment for your antenna.

Buyer Guarantee

1byone 12 months Warranty assures you of its superior build quality. Note: Get 1byone mounting pole for easier installation.
More details
Mount Type Outdoor-Roof,
Receiving range VHF, UHF
Range 65 miles
M Lee 10/02/2016
I'm happy with the content on the channels available - a ...

I bought this to try at my camp after the 3rd cable box failed to work. The camp is in a bit of a valley, down off the road, so I wasn't sure if I'd get any kind of signal. However, with the antenna just inside on the porch, I got 5 main channels, with each of those having multiple choices. Such as 10-1, 10-2, 10-3 and 10-4. I'm happy with the content on the channels available - a lot of public stations with cooking, crafting, nature, etc., as well as classic tv shows and movies. I only got CBS for the big networks. However, I believe I'll get more if I actually put the antenna up higher. I'll try that next summer, but it's late in the season now to bother with it.

I shut off the cable and switched to the $15 internet from Time Warner. I don't watch a lot of tv, but sometimes in the evening or a rainy day, it's nice to watch something. This will work perfectly for me and save a lot of money. The least I could pay with the basic cable (including internet which I need to work out there) was $75 per month. The internet I have there is adequate for one or two devices to stream Netflix and surf the net. When I no longer have multiple people needing to use the internet at once at my home, I'll do the same thing. For now, it's less expensive to keep the cable and keep the high speed internet as a bundle.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

Mr Bobby 09/24/2016
Great antenna. I've been able to get all my local stations.

Great antenna.
I've been able to get all my local stations.
Over 22 channels.
Although I haven't had a chance to mount it on a stand, attic, or outdoor, I'm still getting more channels that I was expecting to.
I currently have it sitting in an unfinished room near the tv with the antenna pointing North where is the general area where all the tv stations in my area are broadcasting from.

Keep in mind that weather conditions can affect the over the air tv signal.
I've also noticed that some tuners are more sensitive than others.
Tivo DVRs have great tuners.
However, my Samsung TV doesn't always receive the same channels when running the scans.

This antenna has performed better than rabbit ears, coat hanger antenna, flat Leaf-like, and other varieties.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

Amazon Customer 09/19/2016
So I used a few websites to see where my favorite channels are coming from

I live in a basement in a house on a slight hill, so one side has the earth half way up the first floor, and the other side has the earth at floor level. I'm only 10 miles north of NYC and those thin indoor HDTV antennas does not work for me. Probably because of how low to the ground I am. So I got this antenna, and even though it is for outdoors, I am using it indoors. It does not come with a stand, so I bought some cheap PVC at Lowes and made a stand for it. I used some RG-6 without an amplifier and I'm getting, i think, a little over 30 channels. I only care about a handful though. So I used a few websites to see where my favorite channels are coming from, and luckily, they are coming from, and they're coming from NYC. So I put the antenna at the window of a southern wall. For the channels that I do get, they come in really clear! But a few of my favorites don't come in, or is pixelated. So, I moved the antenna to see how I can get all the channels. Unfortunately, I cannot. The best spot is right in the middle of the house, and I can SEE all the channels but some get pixelated. If i put it near a north facing window, I get Fox 5 really clear. Which is weird because it originates from the south. Maybe it's bouncing off something. I don't think an amplifier will help me because to my understanding, it's only useful when splitting to mulitple tvs? I'm not sure. When I get a better mounting pole and lightning protection, I will mount it outside.

I really do like this antenna, but I give it only 4 stars because of the build quality. The black pieces are plastic. Mounted on a PVC pipe, it does not feel secure. I feel like it will get ripped apart during a heavy windy storm.

I thought it would be an easy thing to assemble, but there were a few times I had to reference the installation guide (which i would give 2 stars). And it says that you do not need tools... Well, I was able to hand-tighten the nuts of the pole mount, but it definitely would not hold up in a windy environment. You need a 10mm wrench/socket for it.

EDIT: So, there was a piece that I forgot to put on... it keeps the cable from touching the metal. Holy cow, I now get 30 channels (7 are in Spanish, which I wish I spoke) and only channel 2 is a little pixelated! But I do not get channels in the 7, 11, and 24 range. But I don't watch those. All my favorites (5, 9, 31) are now accessible without having to move the antenna from the north to the south! just keeping it in the south window and now I don't have to mount it outside! I now made this a 5 star item!

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

Shelly W. 09/09/2016
It works well for our intended use

As with any tool / equipment, IF it is maintained well it should last a long time.

We purchased this antennae for use while camping. Because we are close to television and radio stations, I can not speak of the maximum distance and I will update this when I have discovered it. It is well constructed and took all of 20 minutes to assemble it. It came with the coax and rubber protectors... Niiiice. I will state that this antennae should be assembled close to the mounting location. It's fairly wide, so if it's being installed in an attic area, I suggest having all of it in the attic prior to assembling. It's lightweight which appears to have no effect on the quality of the components or it's effective use. It is easily uninstalled for storage.

It arrived in a timely fashion. Amazon packs / ships their items well. I will say that even though an other item was included in the main shipping box that they could have reduced their carbon footprint by using a smaller one.

I have received this item at a discounted purchase price in exchange for this honest review. via Snagshout.com http://snag.it/uJDny
I am not affiliated with the manufacturer or Amazon in any way and have not been compensated in any other manner.

Nick Hoban 09/04/2016
I had been using a powered indoor antenna but this works even better.

Caveat: I live in the Phoenix, AZ area, where almost all of the stations broadcast from the same mountain southeast of town. Because of that, I was able to face this antenna towards that mountain and get every station I wanted (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and CW). I had been using a powered indoor antenna and it was working better than anything I'd used before (including lots of small "leaf" antennae) but this worked even better than the powered antenna I had been using. I was able to run this up into my attic and mount it inside the attic (tile roof overhead). I first tried to mount it more or less vertically like all the pictures show, but when I was moving it around to get it in place, I noticed the signal was stronger when I tilted it slightly. In the end, I tilted it 90 degrees and mounted it horizontally, and now I get all the main channels and lots more without any pixelization or interference. I ran the connection down to my HDHomeRun tuners and now all my Windows Media Center recordings work without fail, and I can watch my shows all I want without botched recordings or dropped signals. I really like this antenna.
One concern was that the included coaxial cable included was defective. They're slowly sending me a new one (said it should be here about 10 days from the time the new one was sent) but I got my own in the meantime and it works well enough. Otherwise I'm very happy with it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.
**Update 9/15/2016: The "new one" they were sending was an entire new antenna, not just a replacement cord, so now I have two. The first one had a defective cord, which I replaced myself, but they sent me a second anyways and now both work. My review was already 5 stars, but I'd give it another for great service if I could.

jason s. 09/04/2016
Great antenna to pull over the air channels

Great antenna to pull over the air channels. We have cut the cord except for cable internet and this gives us the ability to get local channels again. I'm able to get stations roughly 60 miles away where the flat indoor antenna would only get stations 25-30 miles away.

I'm only taking one star off because the instructions are more than less useless and use pictures without any explanation. I was still able to figure out the antenna and get it put together fairly easily.

Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a unbiased review.

Romans 10:9-10 09/03/2016
Excellent Performing Antenna!

I am super-impressed by this antenna. I originally got it to pull in a great radio station that was 45 minutes away. It did that and more. After installation, I used a coaxial splitter to hook up the antenna to my component stereo system's FM coaxial port and to our LG HDTV. I turned both the stereo and digital TV on and was surprised to find the antenna pulled in the radio station AND all our digital TV stations very clearly simultaneously. Just make sure to point it toward the towers/stations you need. I'm a big fan of this antenna! The next step for me is to install the antenna in our attic crawl space so it's not hanging from the ceiling in the living room (Beverly Hillbillies style). If you are using a balanced splitter, make sure the OUT cables are the same or very close to the same length so the signal splits evenly.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

Nevada Smiles 08/30/2016
Cable Cutter – HD Antenna Success

I am a recent satellite/cable cutter and wanted to get an antenna for local news on the networks. My previous satellite installation left a lot of existing cable that could be reused in an attic antenna installation.
Assembling this antenna was simple and took about 15 minutes. The instructions have just enough information and the picture on the box is a nice view of the completed product. The one piece of information not provided in the instructions is the jumper cable connection between the panel and bowtie antennas. This connection becomes obvious when you investigate how the cable protectors fit but there is also a manufacturers image provided on the Amazon listing.
My installation was in the attic but see no reason why the antenna would not do well in an outdoor installation. The provided antenna cable has weather proof ends to protect connections. The antenna is light, sturdy, and the provided pole mount is honestly overkill. An extra cable guard is provided for your output cable but must be put on the wire before the connector. Lastly, a cable anchor is also provided (see image) which I could see being used to stabilize the antenna jumper cable for outside installations with wind.
Because my install was in the attic I used a 3’ piece of schedule 40 PVC pipe as the pole (see image). It was more than sufficient for this very light antenna. I also split the signal at the antenna and provide a signal to 2 TV’s.
Final results: I was able to get a total of 28 channels and all major local networks. I used the TV Fool site ([...]) to help identify local channels and my final antenna direction. The picture quality was fantastic for the digital HD channels and what I would expect for everything else. I am more than pleased with the results. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

rsgallo 08/22/2016
Great 25-45 mile indoor or outdoor antenna

This antenna is Good to Very Good. If you live in a urban, metropolitan area or are WITHIN 35 miles of the TV station transmitters, this antenna will work absolutely great. Optimal reception will be when mounted outside, however, I mounted it to a pole lamp and placed it facing where most on my local transmitters are locate, approximately 45 to 50 miles. Am able to get all the major network local stations and am pleased. I'm thinking about purchasing another identical antenna and facing it in another direction for more channels. I will have to install a small "signal combiner" to facilitate sending both antenna signals down one coaxial cable to my 4-way splitter inside my basement. (I received a discount on this product in return for a fair and unbiased review)

VT 08/12/2016
Antenna works fine. It has nothing to do with picture resolution

Antenna works fine. It has nothing to do with picture resolution: HD, 4K etc. All it does is it amplifies TV band and whatever channels are there regardless of resolution.
This antenna does not have booster, but it's not really needed unless you want to split signal between multiple TVs. Remember: if the signal around your area is low, booster won't help as it only amplifies aerial noise.

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