1byone Weatherproof Solar Powered Outdoor LED Light 3 Different Modes

Model: 315US-0001   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
$ 11.99   11.99
  • Strong Battery Capacity– With an improved design, upgraded solar panel, and increased battery storage from 800mAh to 1500mAh, 1byone LED Solar Powered Wall Light with Motion Sensor is powerful and durable when emitting light in less-than-ideal conditions.
  • Intelligent & Bright – Numerous modes including High Light, Dim Light, and High Light Sensor modes, with an auto on/off function for dusk/dawn. 8 super-bright 1.6 watt LEDs mean this light is brighter than previous versions.
  • PIR Motion Sensor – At night or in dark conditions, the Pyroelectric Infrared (PIR) sensor is activated by heat and motion from a distance of up to 26.2ft/8m and automatically switches on the powerful LEDs.
  • Waterproof & Durable – This lamp is tightly sealed and is waterproof, heat proof, and highly durable. Drainage holes at the bottom of the light help drain away excess water to guarantee a dry case.
  • Convenient & Practical – Easily install this in your garden, near stairs, or in any suitable place with direct sunshine. The light fully charges over a complete day while sitting in 7-8 hours of sunlight. Best installed at a height of about 9.8-16.4ft (3-5m). It can be widely used for illumination in outdoor areas such as courtyards, balconies, walls, paths, stairs, streets, gardens, fence walls, and many more places.

Solar Panel: 5.5V 1.6W

Ion Battery: 3.7V 1500mAh

LED Quantity: 8 LEDs

Rated Power: 1.6W

Lumen Output: 160ml

Motion Sensor Angle and Distance: 120°/26.2ft (8m)

Delay time: 8s

Installation Height: 9.8-16.4ft (3-5m)

Waterproof Level: IP44

Three Light Modes

1. Bright Light Mode

The LED Light will automatically charge during the day and light continuously at night.

2. Dim Light Mode

The LED Light will always emit a dim light throughout the day and night and become very bright when motion is detected.

3. High Light Sensor Mode

The LED Light will switch on super bright at night when it senses movement and will automatically switch back off if no more motion is detected after 15 seconds.

Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.


Please read the Instruction Manual fully before use and contact us if you have any questions.1
SKU 315US-0001
Shipping Weight
Package Height 45mm/ 1.77 inch
Package Width 125mm/4.92 inch
Package Length 110mm/4.33 inch
Package Weight 0.23 KG/ 0.506 pounds
Item Height 351MM / 1.37 inch
Item Length 120MM /4.72 inch
Item Width 104MM / 4.09 inch
Item Weight 0.17KG / 0.36 pounds
Material Type ABS & Plastic
Power Source Solar
Wattage 1.6W
Arthur R. 10/24/2016
Great product, but read my comments to make sure that all goes well

Great for my application of putting it by my backdoor, so now when I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark. My back steps are lit as well as the door so it makes it much nicer to get in and out, Test the options of lighting before you mount it, as the switch is covered when you mount it. In addition, they could have used larger screws to make mounting easier.

mandy87 10/15/2016
Pretty good but if needed for larger areas get bigger one with more leds

pretty bright little light , I have not installed it yet I will add to my review once I install it. I have tested it shortly inside my home and the sensor seems to work well but maybe you have to be fairly close . The brightness is a plus . the only negative so far is the small screws and the way it mounts . So if you need it for a small area and you can attach it against the wall your going to be walking towards to go in your home then its great. so far my only options at lighting the back yard is mounting it on my siding as it seems the only way the sensor will switch on.

Sohei 10/15/2016
This has been an excellent light so far

This has been an excellent light so far. We installed the first on our approach walkway to our. It has worked flawlessly. The second we purchased for our travel trailer. Just hang it from a 3-M hook and all is good. I purchased another similar light, but didn't notice it didn't go off at night. We're using that one by the back steps.
This light has functioned flawlessly.

If you program it correctly, it only comes on when movement is detected.

Carol A. Brown 10/14/2016
As advertised - works great!

Seems to working as expected so far. It's definitely weatherproof. I accidentally left it lying out on the arm of an Adirondack chair overnight. It got a good soaking and held up to the unexpected test.

Amazon Customer 09/29/2016
Great product and great customer service

These are fantastic lights, super good light brightness and build quality. This light has the normal modes that other companies have but also adds the option to be dim and brighten when there is motion. if I had to find something to recommend it would be better quality screws included and the holes are currently located on the sides instead of the top so it may not fit on some skinny poles or 2 by 4's.

Otherwise a great product and great value.

urchin12 09/04/2016
Bright but short lived

Worked great for three months and then just stopped. I liked that it had a non-sensor setting to keep it on all the time. Light would last 7-8 hours. But expected it to last longer.

9/12/2016. Seller responded to review and sent replacement light, without charge. If this one lasts longer than first I will certainly upgrade review. It poured rain all day here today, but light is shining brightly. What I like most about this light is the option for constant on as opposed to just sensor mode. Also appreciate that it turns on/off with switch - no silly little on "key" to lose.

Amazon Customer 08/23/2016
Solar light

I put it above my garage door& it works great. Its exposed to the rain so its good outside. The light comes on when you get near the garage. It lights up the area, most importantly, the path and the door.

Susan 08/13/2016
So much power in this little light!

Couldn't believe that this little reasonably priced light could have illuminated my 60 sq ft porch for all of 12 hours. Dusk to dawn was exactly what it gave me. I simply used some coated wired and tied it to the small gate on my patio and was thrilled to see it light up automatically last night. I am so happy with this little light that I have shared info with a # of family and friends today as I know they will be pleased too.

The Mrs. 08/06/2016
Better than expected.

At first I was disappointed at the size of this solar LED light and hesitated to install it over the side garage door thinking it would not put out enough light. I charged it in the sun first and was blinded by the amount of light it put out! Once I installed it over the door, it was perfect for what I needed. Now as I step out of the back door of the house and approach the garage, it instantly comes on and lights my way. It is also beneficial in startling the woodland creatures that wander up to the house and garbage cans looking for food and has saved my flower garden. Since I installed it on T1-11 wood panels, I used small wood screws instead of the ones that came with it and it is much sturdier.

Shamwow 07/14/2016
Very Bright

Amazing product love the quality of this thing, I have this mounted on my front door. I really don't like taking pictures of LED products because you really have to see it in person to see how bright this thing really is. I have it on the 3rd setting so it lights up on a low settings when the sun goes down and the motion detection brights up to highest setting and the angle of light is perfect.

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