1byone Snow Flake Machine with 650W Wired Remote Control

Model: O0000-0811   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
$ 60.99   60.99
  • 650W snow machine output distance: 6 meters, tank capacity: 900ml (0.24gal), Product dimensions: 13.42 x 7.2 x 7.3 inches (341 x 183 x 186 mm), Snowflake Output: 1.766CFM. Comes with a 6.5 feet (2 meter) wired Controller.
  • Note to use water based snow fluid. Before using the snowflake machine, you have to prepare Specialized Snow Liquid. It is normal if there is condensation on the nozzle of the Snow Machine.
  • Easy & Safe to use - On / Off switch on rear panel, Red LED Indicator, high Performance, high quality, high output. It can make snowflake juice change into dancing snow-like foam, and the effect is very vivid.
  • This is the right snow machine for any environment, creating the right effect where any artificial snow is desired. It is great to apply for Dj Disco Pub, Wedding, House Party, Stage, Camping Field, Halloween and Christmas, providing an amazing snow atmosphere.
  • We have several different kinds of fog machines, including the Timer Remote Control or New Trigger Fog Machine Wireless Remote Controller you want, just feel free to choose!!
1byone artificial snow machines produce a flurry of snow just like the real thing. It creats the magic of transforming any space into a real-life Winter Wonderland, which can be seen in major venues. It can create a perfect snow scene for your next special event, holiday party, etc.


Power Sources: Input AC 110-120V 60Hz
Power Consumption: 650W
Tank Capacity: 900ml (0.24 gal)
Fog Output: 1.766CFM
Output Distance: 6 meters
Outline Size: 13.42 x 7.2 x 7.3 inches (341 x 183 x 186mm)

How to use:

Before using the snowflake machine, you have to prepare Specialized Snow Liquid. Then operate according to the following steps,
1. Put this product onto a clean, flat and solid surface, close to the power socket.
2. Unscrew the lid on the tank by turning counterclockwise and inject the Snow Liquid into the tank. Do not spill Snow Liquid onto the product body. Do not overfill. Do not cut, pinch, or break the tube connected through the tank lid. Screw the lid clockwise to the tank tightly. Always make sure there is enough Snow Liquid in the tank before or on using the Snowflake Machine.
3. Connect the Wired Controller to the Controller Female Socket.
4. Connect the plug of snowflake machine to proper power socket.
5. Set the On / Off Switch to on position on the Wired Control Box, nozzle will start spraying snow. Set to off position, spraying will stop.
6. Switch off the unit before refilling snow liquid into the snow machine.
7. Unplug the unit when not in use.


Never operate the snowflake machine when there is no snow liquid. The best continuous working period is 1-2 hours and it needs rest in order to ensure extended working time.
SKU O0000-0811
Item Height 270 MM / 10.62 inch
Item Length 245 MM /9.64 inch
Item Width 240 MM / 9.44 inch
Item Weight 2.1 KG / 4.62 pounds/2100 grams
Shipping Weight 2.675 KG /5.88 pounds/2675 grams
Material Type Metal
LaKeisha 08/02/2016
Children Loved this!!! It Snowed in July in Georgia!

Great product, fast shipping! The children loved the Snow. It Snowed in July without messy clean up and just enough for the children to enjoy it!

Jessica Reehl 07/12/2016
Awesome for Frozen Birthday

Huge hit at my daughters 3rd birthday. Works perfectly with snow juice and has enough power to really distribute the snow. Easy to use and easy to clean up.

Rowdy Van Horn 06/18/2016

We bought these for a special sermon illustration for our church. This a tremendous machine for a really great price. We bought 3. Really awesome response from everybody when it suddenly started snowing in church.

Jennifer M. 06/04/2016
It's Snowing!!!!

This make it snow in Hawaii!!! Very nice product and effect.

Bob M. 03/06/2016
Create a snowstorrn in the heat of summer

 Okay, it may no be real snow. But it sure does look like it. All of the fake snow machines work pretty much the same way. They use a soap based snow fluid to create foamy bubbles that float and look very much like snow. No matter what kind of machine you buy.... Use a professional snow fluid and not an internet recipe if you want you machine to last very long. All snow machines are loud. They kinda sound like a vacuum cleaner. That is because how much air has to be pushed through the bubble fluid to create the foam. Fog machines also come in a lot of different sizes. This particular machine would be considered a smaller unit. But don't let the size fool you. This unit puts out a bunch of "snow". The case of the unit is made out of heavy gauge plastic. Plastic works very well for these machines...It actually makes them quieter than the metal cased units. Also, place the snow machine as high up as possible. Snow falls down not up. We have worked this unit very hard for extended periods and have no issues with it. About the only thing I think that could be better would be a longer remote cable. But with that said, they do sell a wireless remote that will work with this unit, Machine is very reasonably priced and works very well.

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Rody Aroche 01/10/2016

Short Description: This is a very well built snow machine, the materials used are high quality and it is built to last. When on you can tell it has a powerful motor and ump and the external case is very sturdy as well.

The machine
The machine plugs into a regular outlet and it also brings a wired remote control (wireless controls for these machines are easily acquired for a small price). Te remote is a simple on off which makes the machine very easy to operate.

The snow
The purpose of this machine is basically to make a snow looking foam that depending on the outside temperature it can last a while. The foam is water based and depending on the fact if you buy it or make it the solubles may be different. One thing is for sure, if you buy it the liquid can be very expensive and this machine eats it up pretty quick, yes you get a lot os flakes but still, it goes very quick, for that reason below I ave included a recipe for making your own liquid, keep in mind this may or may not void your warranty so beware of that.

Snow Recipe
I have to confess that this isn't exactly my recipe. I did find a few on the net and have modified them slightly. I tested this exact solution with my 1byOne for 5 minutes and had no problems.


8 oz (1 cup) regular Mr. Bubble bubble bath (Sold by WM and Dollar store, also available here at Amazon but more expensive)
8 oz (1 cup) rubbing alcohol
1 to 3 gallons of distilled water
The amount of water is variable. If you want bigger fluffier flakes, use LESS water and turn your machine DOWN (think flurries). If you want a higher quantity of smaller flakes use more water and turn the machine UP (think ice storm). I would not exceed 3 gallons of water. I've had the solution over 4, but the flakes were not up-to-par.

Pour 1 gallon of distilled water into a large clean bucket. Add the Mr. Bubble and mix. Add the rubbing alcohol and mix again. Note: Add the alcohol to the water and not the other way around since alcohol and water react creating heat. At this point you can test the fluid in your machine and add more water as desired. The distilled water jug is great for storing your fluid, but be careful when pouring the mix back into the jug. Even using a funnel will introduce air into the mix and cause it to foam. If you are not watching, you'll have bubble foam EVERYWHERE.

1 Gallon of Distilled Water: $.89
Rubbing Alcohol: $1.19 (16 oz, so the per-batch cost is $.60)
Mr Bubble: $3.79 (40 oz, per batch cost of $.76)
The total cost is $2.25 for just over 1 gallon of solution. Total cost will go down the more water you add to a batch. I use 2 gallons of water in my solution, making each gallon $1.57.

Visual Appearance ''''''''''
Intended Purpose ''''''''''
Cost ''''''''''
Quality ''''''''''

Pros & Cons:

'' Easy to operate
'' Makes lots of flakes
'' Has remote control
' None so far I will update this review if anything changes.

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Reviewed by Rody Aroche

Nicole Durkin 01/09/2016
Four Stars

Love it! Added magic to our front yard Christmas decorations!

scott j earle 01/08/2016
Awesome Machine and Fast Delivery

Thank you so much. Awesome Machine and Fast Delivery.

BIGERN 01/07/2016
Four Stars

Great machine snow looks so real,only thing is the machine is a little loud

Amazon Customer 01/07/2016
produced life like snow, that delighted our guests and added an ...

Product worked just as intended, produced life like snow, that delighted our guests and added an extra element to our party. However, it does state that product can be used indoors or outdoors. We had planned to use this inside, and due to some build up, kept it outside instead.