1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights with IR Wireless Control

Model: 302US-0001   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 59.99   59.99 Free shipping
  • Amazing Illuminations – Plug in, turn on, and watch your garden or house be instantly saturated in gorgeous green and red lights. Perfect for creating a festival atmosphere.
  • Broad Application – The laser lights can cover up to 2,100 square feet from a distance of 25 feet and can be set to motion, flashing, or simply stationary. It’s perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, and anything else you can think of.
  • Easy, Safe and Cost-effective - Never go through the trouble again of unwrapping and hanging Christmas lights just put in the ground, plug in, and enjoy festive year-round energy efficient lights that never need replacing.
  • Automatic Timers - Built- in timer function,the laser light will automatically turn off after 6H using and turn on again after 18H. You also can use the remote control to set the timer as required.
  • Weather Resistance – Rated IP65 light casing and with an IP44 power adapter. Hide it amongst your landscaping without worrying about snow, rain, dust, and intense sunlight.

1byone Garden Laser Light is a laser light system that illuminates a huge area with thousands of gorgeous, colorful lights. Simply find a location in or outdoors to place it and illuminate a huge area with brilliant red and green sprinkles.
With the remote in hand and extra-long extension power cable (11.15 ft), easily control the laser light’s modes from a distance. In addition to Christmas, use this light year round to bring the stars indoors, to light up a hall or space, or even to create a fantasy world in your little kids' bedroom, Gardens, trees, parties, stage shows, flowers, bars, walls, lawns, sign age, Halloween… you’ll constantly discover new, exciting places and events to make even more wonderful with your Garden Laser Light.


Point the infrared remote control directly towards the head of the laser light and make sure there is a clear line of sight between the remote control and laser light as infrared signal cannot travel through walls or other obstacles.


Power Input: AC 120V 60Hz
Power Output: DC 5V 2000mA
Length of cable: 11.15ft
Dimension: max. diameter 4.45in x length 4.58in
IP Protection: IP65 for the light casing and IP44 for power adapter.
Materials: Aluminum alloy casing and spike. Tempered glass lens.
Spike Height: 7.79in
Working Temperature: -35℃ (-31℉) to 35℃ (95℉)
Remote Control Distance: 30ft
Coverage: 3.5ft 57-85 sqft; 10ft 265-325.6 sqft; 15ft 776.8-971.44 sqft; 20ft 1240-1550.00 sqft; 25ft 1687.2- 2109.72 sqft

Package Includes:

1 x Laser Light with Power Cable
1 x Screw
1 x Spike
1 x Bracket
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x IR Remote Controller (with CR2025 battery)

Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.
SKU 302US-0001
Shipping Weight 2.08LB / 0.943 KG
Package Height 5.43 inch/ 13.8cm
Package Width 5.43 inch/ 13.8cm
Package Length 6.89 inch/ 17.5cm
Package Weight 2.08LB / 0.943 KG
Item Height 4.53 inch/ 11.5cm
Item Length 11.02 inch/ 28cm
Item Width 5.51 inch/ 14cm
Item Weight 0.675 KG / 1.49LB
Safety Warning Children underage are not allowed to operate the machine.
Light Source Type Laser
Power Source DC adapter
Voltage 110V
Ali _ Eldeeb 01/13/2017
Amazing 1byone Laser project,Never Regret to Buy it

Amazing 1byone Aluminum Alloy Outdoor i loved it so much it is really unique, this is not the first time i buy Laser Christmas Light Projector, i bought one before i give it a gift for my brother, it is not like this one, it have no remote no such function like set a hours for work,not covering so much distance and a lot others .
this brand -1byone- i can buy it with my eyes closed, it is really good brand i tested more than once before, i really recommended for buyers.
believe me this little item will surprised you when you see it work,made from really good quality and best material solid aluminum and Tempered glass lens, it is waterproof you can leave it under rain or ice on the garden and do not worry,you can set it for work from 1 to 6 hours.
the best add i loved it more in this Outdoor Laser Christmas Light Projector that i can customize the color that i want to project in my house i can make it red only or green only or both together or flashing red or green or both and this was amazing add to me.never regret to buy this items.Thanks .

Tiffany soares 01/03/2017
So pretty! !

When I visited a friend of mine at Christmas time her neighbor had one of these laser projection lights on their house. The laser that went around the house illuminated my friends tree in her backyard. My friend has cancer so she is not really mobile and doesn't get out of the house much so her backyard has become a little bit of an oasis for her. She loved watching The Neighbors lights and was sad when they took them down so I asked him for the information on where to get one and decided to order this one for her to have in her backyard. It works wonderfully!!! She absolutely loves it. We managed to point it in a way that it stays in her yard mainly and doesn't disturb any of the neighbors around so that she can keep it going even though it's not Christmas anymore. Since it has a remote control it's super easy for her to turn on and off without having to get up and go to it every time. She is able to change up the colors in the pattern with just a push of a button from her seat . Such a small and inexpensive thing has brought her so much joy which is very important right now. It is very durable and can be left out in the rain so she doesn't have to worry about ever moving it. Great quality great product and I'm so glad I found it for her!!! Highly recommended!!

James Albrecht 12/19/2016
Love the bright colors

Love the bright colors, the flashing adds to the display of the lights. first night I would have given 8 stars because it was just that good. However the next night the green laser did not work, it was on but did not show on the house. very disappointed, I read that this happened to a few others. I know that with manufacturing there are sometimes some bad ones. so I got a bad one I still think it could be a great product but I wanted it for christmas so now it is being returned before christmas.

1byone company responed and they have great response time. They have sent another one to us and we will continue this after the new one arrives Tuesday. but because of the response from the company that deservers another star. I am sure the new one will work;

Update II:
The company sent me a new one even after I sent the other one back and recieved a total refund. Turned it on all night for two nights and it is still working. This company truely does stand by its products. I will definitely be buying their products again. It is good to see that some companies are starting to get back to customer service.

Paul M. Davis 12/19/2016
I don't normally post reviews as I'm generally happy with all of my Amazon purchases

BUYER BEWARE! I don't normally post reviews as I'm generally happy with all of my Amazon purchases. But, the time of year that it is where we have to stretch our money to go further (even for decorations), I decided to go with one of these items which is 1/2 the price of my three other laser lights from a different manufacturer. I guess you really do get what you pay for. I purchased one of these several weeks ago and it appeared to work fine for a couple of days. So, I purchased this one that arrived last week and set it up as well. It worked for a day or two so I felt lucky and ordered a third (still waiting for it's arrival). Low and behold, our first light rain occurred this past weekend - both of these lights failed to light up - my other two older different brand ones remain flawless. I brought these two into the house. An hour later, they lit. I left them on the counter unplugged for the night. The next morning, I decided to try and set them back up outside. Before doing so, I plugged them both in to confirm. Oddly enough, one only lights green now (no red). The other one seems to be working for the moment. So, I'll be sending this one back today. Only time will tell what happens with the second (and third) one.

Bucky Katt 12/17/2016
Does a good job making the house look festive.

I purchased this to satisfy my dear spouse's love of outdoor Christmas decorations while allowing me to not have to get lights out of storage, hang the lights, and then put them back in storage after the holiday. Yes, it is somewhat about me. Regardless, we have both been quite happy with what this little light has been able to do in lighting up half of our house in a festive way. I say half our house as we have a streetlight directly in front which does wash out much of the lighting effect were its light reaches. However, on the side of the house not getting glare from the streetlight, the laser lights look great.

I mounted the light in a tree to help keep it clean and to better aim it where I lessen the effect of the aforementioned streetlight. It has been exposed to rain (heavy at times) and now freezing temps. So far we have not had any problems. The remote control is a nice feature I am not sure I really needed it. You have two colors (red and green) and you can mix the two in different ways. I have to say I am not overly impressed with any other than the red and green combo as the others just don't seem to work all that well (that is, of course, subjective and is only an opinion).

This seems to be a good product (and there are certainly many now to choose from) that I would recommend others to consider.

Hurricane 12/13/2016
Halt, and Caught Fire! --- But the Company Responded Fast! (Edited 12/18)

I selected this item solely on its "higher grade" construction. Whether an individually defective item or a serious design flaw, my unit caught fire at the plug, melted the A/C plug and damaged my extension cord. The extension cord used was a commercial grade cord used for a number of years.

12/18 ...1byone responded within 2 days, apologized for the problem and offered a free replacement. We accepted with thanks. It may have been a single unit defect, but be very conscious of the environment. Kudos to 1byone for customer service, and readjusted my rating accordingly.

1byone...The engineering of the laser housing is excellent. Let's work on a better and truly waterproof connection at the plug/transformer

Sharon Sandoval 12/11/2016
1byone Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Laser Christmas Projector

 If you are looking for a great Christmas light show projector, this one by 1byone is great! It really lights up your house with red and green colors. There are colors everywhere! It has several different modes. It really lights up your whole house. You can set it to just red or just green or both. You can set it to blinking just red or just green or both. You can also set the speed of the blinking to slow, medium, fast. It comes with a remote control and has a built in timer. It's waterproof which is nice in case it rains or the sprinklers come on. It comes with a stake that attaches to it so you can put it in the grass and it's adjustable so you are able to move it to your desired position. I highly recommend this light projector. I give it five stars!

olusanjo ajagbe 12/10/2016
It really, really sucks. Seriously.

What a terrible waste of my money. Officially the worst purchase I have made on amazon. The lights are not bright enough, the green is terrible, no motion, no excitement. My 5 year old had the "that's it?" look in his eyes. My wife just went to Walmart and came home with a $28 unit that puts this one to shame. We just relocated this one to the side of the house and put the $28 one as the center piece in front of our house. Don't waste your money. I am not a very picky person but this one did it.

Amazon Customer 12/09/2016
An average product, for what was a fair price

 I ordered the 1byone Outdoor Laser Christmas projector after doing some comparisons with comparable projects on Amazon. After playing with it for a few days, I have a few notes to share - some good, some bad, and some indifferent.

1. The ideal point seems to be about 20 feet out for my house - we are currently projecting this on our garage.
2. The remote, as some have stated, requires you to stand directly in front of the unit and point at the face - not a big deal really, but it is 22 degrees in Kansas right now. I thought I had a faulty remote for the first half of the evening before reading some additional reviews.
3. Compared to some of the Star Shower and store brand models that my neighbors have, this model is decidedly less exciting. The flashing is okay (I leave mine on permanently), but when other models have spinning snowflakes, and a good deal more motion it makes the 1byone look rather plain.
4. The brightness is good. Our home is hard to light due to the positioning of bushes and such, but it seems to do the job even when moving the projector further out.
5. I think generally, to get the look that most are desiring, you would need two of these units - it would be nice to see a discounted price for a second.

Overall it seems well made and hasn't had any technical issues in the first few days of ownership. Hope this helps with your decision making!

Michael G 12/09/2016
Poor quality, bad ethics. Avoid.

Ordered a "new" light bu got abused one. Had dirt on the stake, the packaging was ripped on the insides and the remote didn't work. Additionally, the quality of the laser light was poor. The red lights were blurry and you can see horizontal lines streaming through the display projection surface. I have another brand that is crisp and clear and no horizontal lines. Avoid this product. It is not worth the price. Quality is extremely poor so are the ethics of this company to distribute returned merchandise as new.

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