1byone Professional Bubble Machine with High Output

Model: O0000-0431   |   Brand: 1Byone     
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  • Portable & Durable - Light weight metal case and durable construction makes it convenient both for indoor and outdoor activities including kids parties, weddings, discos, and much more.
  • Large & Adjustable - Large and yet easy-to-move with a solid adjustable handle.
  • Quiet & Compact - A compact design and quiet motor that's easy to refill and simple to switch on and off.
  • Impressive Bubbles - 18-22 rotations per minute to create thousands of bubbles with just a simple touch of a switch..
  • Easy to Maintain - This bubble machine can be easily and effectively maintained just with regular cleaning.
1byone high output automatic small bubble machine blowing out a large number of flying bubble, it will create a magic colorful dream word in the lamplight shine. Design is novel and attractive, fit and beautiful. Fine ventilation design, the performance is particularly prominent. And the bubble emitting effect feast for the eyes. Safety design, simple operation.


Input vol tage: AC12V
Tank capacity (L): 1L
Size LxWxH (IN): 13.4" x 11.4" x 11.8" (34cm x 29cm x 30cm)
Weight: 5.8 lbs, 2.63 KG

How to Use?

1.Plug power cord into a grounded electrical outlet. If necessary, turn power switch on rear of unit to "1" position.
2. If your model includes a mounting bracket designed for overhead installation, it may be installed at floor level or suspended overhead. If the unit is to be mounted using the bracket,
it is important that the bubble does not shoot directly at any one's face. Whatever installation method you choose, do not allow the unit to have more than a 15 degree angle of inclination.
3. Do not be use for more than 8 hours continuously. Best operated at 40-90 degrees F. In cold, performance will be reduced.

Important: Keep the air intake ports on the chassis free from blockage.

Please contact us for any future issue, our 1byone service team will resolve ASAP.

1byone Bubble Machine produces a large number of flying bubbles to create a magic and colorful dreamland for every user. Safe and, simple, with a considered design and outstanding performance, just relax and amuse your eyes with thousands of magic bubbles!


Input Voltage: AC12V
Tank Capacity: 1L
Size L x W x H: 13.4x11.4x11.8in (34x29x30cm)
Weight: 5.8lbs (2.63kg)

How to Use?

1. Pour bubble liquid into the liquid reservoir. Note that the type of bubble liquid used can affect how many bubbles are made.
2. Plug the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet.
3. Turn the power switch to the "on" position to start the machine.
4. If the unit is to be mounted using a bracket, please note the bubble machine can only be inclined to a maximum angle of 15-degrees.
5. The bubble machine should not be used for more than 8 hours consecutively and is best operated at 40-90º Fahrenheit. Performing of the machine may be reduced in low temperatures.


Please keep the air intake ports free from blockage. Do not use outdoors in the rain as this may lead to a short circuit
Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100%. This bubble machine comes with a 12-month warranty. Satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will happily send a replacement on us if any issues arise.
SKU O0000-0431
Item Height 186 MM / 7.32 inch
Item Length 343 MM /13.5 inch
Item Width 183 MM / 7.20 inch
Item Weight1.8 KG / 3.96 pounds/1800 grams
Shipping Weight 2.25 KG /4.95 pounds/2250 grams
Material Type ABS & Plastic
Hovis 02/06/2017
VERY cheaply made. It works okay (at least for ...

VERY cheaply made. It works okay (at least for a few minutes so far). This product would be greatly improved by some attention to details and the ability to adjust his many bubbles it makes.

It makes LOTS of bubbles. Too many for inside, you'll only want to use this outside because of the big mess that so many bubbles make.

Wendy 02/01/2017
I've only used it once so far but WOW bubbles ...

I've only used it once so far but WOW bubbles galore! So much so that at first my daughter was scared because there were so many bubble Lol. I use the gazillion bubble solution but plan on trying to make my own solution. I'll update if need be if there is any difference with a different solution.

Amber 01/25/2017

We purchased this for my son with autism. He absolutely loves bubbles so we need a machine that would keep up to his standards. This far exceeded our expectations. Love it! Thank you for a great product!

terry 01/13/2017
My grandson loved the bubbles generated from the device

Well made. But, I guess I didn't read carefully and found that this is not battery operated. Thankfully, I had an extension cord handy. My grandson loved the bubbles generated from the device, however, you need to have LOTS of bubble liquid on hand. The machine puts out so many bubbles that it is empty in a flash. Wish that there was a way to adjust the speed of the bubbles.

Bryon P. Freeman 01/06/2017
Large, but quiet and lots of bubbles

Perfect for bath time and for other fun. Works fine with generic bubble juice. I'm looking forward to trying better bubble juice.

Much quieter than expected and also a little larger than expected.

UVaMLRN 01/02/2017
Didn't work for us... :(

So disappointed this didn't work for us. About 5 minutes in, the rotating arm stopped rotating. Able to return it without any trouble. Would definitely encourage anyone to try it casually first before having it as a main feature at a birthday party/special event (oops).

Kelly G 12/26/2016
Exactly what I was looking for

I bought this for my niece (3) for Christmas. This is better than I expected. Professional quality, it makes a lot of bubbles. It's lightweight and easy to clean. Definitely better than the bubble machines designed for kids. It does go through solution quickly (I bought the darice bubble solution which was awesome). My niece loved it and spent the remainder of the day running through bubbles.

David Fullmer 12/23/2016
this thing is great! kids love it and dance around

this thing is great! kids love it and dance around. we had it about 7 foot off the ground and it at times would creat a little pile of bubbles on the ground that the kids would run and stomp through, really good air coverage and a lot of fun.

Mr.Snuggles 12/21/2016
By far the absolute BEST bubble machine on the market

I'm a preschool Toddler teacher and I've had this bubble machine for 3 months now. Let me tell you, the staff have just as much fun with the bubbles as the children! From teachers to parents to directors, EVERYONE is amazed at how great the 1byone Professional Bubble Machine works. It is extremely quiet, has AMAZING bubble output and is super simple to use. The Toddlers in my classroom really do enjoy our weekly "Toddler Dance Parties," complete with bubbles and music at the end of the week and so do the parents! --It's hard not to enjoy a good bubble party and this product is by far the absolute BEST bubble machine I've come across to date.

Great product overall. A definite two thumbs up.

I'm looking forward to ordering more 1byone Professional Bubble Machines in the future for other classrooms in my place of employment.

Kati Lynn Holmes 12/07/2016
Good machine, quick fluid depletion

Bubble machine works wonderfully, but it goes through bubble fluid VERY QUICKLY. We went through a gallon in about 2 hours total over the course of a few days.

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