1byone 3,100 mAh Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6s

Model: O00EL-0474   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
Black + Rainbow Frames
White + Rainbow Frames
$ 36.99   36.99
  • Long Battery Life - The powerful 3,100 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life to your iPhone 6 / 6s, which is equivalent to add 14 + hours talk time or 10+ hours web browsing time.
  • Functional and Portable - With 360 degrees comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell backplate, it protects your iPhone from scratches and other daily tear and wear, yet small and convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.
  • Sync-through Technology - It ensures that you can sync your iPhone to a computer without having to take the battery case off. Simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case together with the included Micro-USB cable.
  • Intelligent Protection - Protective IC circuit efficiently avoids short-circuit, over-charged and malfunction even under extreme conditions.
  • 2 Optional Frames - Changeable frames of different colors, dress up your iPhone on every single day.
You Get What You Pay For

Have you been frustrated by the continuing "not supported" warning messages? Or being tremendously disappointed when the case stops charging and is breaking after only two weeks of use? This 1byone battery case will provide you with a satisfactory experience!

Apple MFi Certified

100% authentic and compatible, no warning message! Each case contains a unique authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% sync & charge compatibility with any iPhone 6 / 6s.

Super Fast Charging

This battery case is designed to allow for charging of the iPhone 6 / 6s and the case itself without taking the case off.
When connected to the charger, the battery case will allow the iPhone 6 / 6s to fully charge, and then charge the built-in battery. And it comes with a Micro-USB cable to charge your iPhone 6 / 6s.

Please note that due to additional batteries being charged, the overall charging process will take longer than charging just the iPhone 6 / 6s alone.

Slim and Protection

With slim and quality design, this Battery Case will keep your iPhone 6 / 6s charged and protected on the go.
Having gone through extensive testing for quality assurance, it will protect all external surfaces including the screen. And the raised lip on front bumper offers extra screen protection.
Product Dimensions
Weight 107g(0.24 LB)
Shipping Weight 184 g (0.41 LB)
Package Dimensions
Compatible Phone Models
Standby Time 288 Hours
Talk Time 17 Hours
Battery Cell Type
Charging Time 2 Hours
Lithium-Battery Energy Content 11.47 Watt Hours
Lithium-Battery Voltage 5 V
Lithium-Battery Packaging battery contained in equipment
Input-Device Interface iPhone cable optional
Enclosure Material ABS+PC
Front-Panel Inputs Micro USB
Headphone Jack 3.5mm x 1
Battery Type Li-polymer 3100mAh
Compatible Devices iPhone 6, iPhone 6s
Manufacturer Warranty Description
Travis D 10/22/2016
Great for traveling and long days at work

This is a great recharging case. It is sleek, durable, protects the phone, and is easy to use and travel with.

K. MIller 09/28/2016
Works great, with very minor irritations

This case makes my iPhone 6 a bit heavier and longer (but sleeker) than it would be with my usual Otterbox. It sticks out of my too-small ladies' jeans pockets a bit farther than I would prefer, but it stays in there (I still miss my stumpy iPhone 4). When I drop it, which I do fairly regularly, the seam between the 2 sides splits partway and I have to snap it shut again. Neither the case nor the phone have sustained any damage from all my mistreatment, although I haven't had any real drop-it-down-the-stairs disasters yet. It charges my phone quickly and doubles my usage time. I don't like using the cord adapter on my headphones (it sticks up awkwardly), so I got a cheap Bluetooth earpiece, which works nicely. I have stuck electrical tape over the LEDs on the back, because they are crazy bright and they flash when they are recharging, which is super irritating when I plug it in overnight.

TheGreatBambino 09/14/2016
Cheap battery case that does the job

First, I will say that I don't keep this on my phone regularly. I have the iPhone 6, and being 2 years old the battery isn't great anymore. I bought this for those rare days where I won't have charging abilities throughout the day. Have used it maybe 20 times and so far it's worked as described. Probably has a little over 2 full charges which gets me through at least one day on heavy use. I usually use this on vacations when Im taking lots of pictures and using a lot of data, which can burn through the battery. This helps me get through the day easily. A little difficult to snap on and off, but since I don't take it on and off very often it's not too big of a deal. Nothing fancy about this, basic on button and indicator lights, but if you need an occasional backup battery pack I would recommend this one.

Adam 08/19/2016
Great case

This battery case is absolutely awesome! It is super easy to use and works great. All you have to do is charge the case, place your phone in the case, use your phone as you normally do, and just press the power button on the phone case when your phone battery gets low. I spent an entire day the the state fair, and when I got home, my phone battery was recharged! I was using my phone the entire day taking pictures and videos of my kids and checking social media. My phone battery got down to under 30% towards the end of the day, so I pressed the power button on the case to see if it would power my phone back up for the remainder of the day and the drive home. By the time we left and got to the car in the parking lot, my phone was fully charged. I am going to Disney World later in the year, and this will be a huge help there.

I highly recommend this phone case for anyone who sometimes goes all day without the ability to plug your phone in. The only thing I would improve on this case is I wish the case used the lightning connector like the phone instead of a micro usb connector.

Rich 08/01/2016
An Embarrassment of Awful Chimes.....

First of all, it didn't work. But that's, oddly enough, not the bad part. There are 36 choices of chime -- and I'm not terribly picky. But the sound quality sounded as if a young child was asked to perform for friends and family on a cheap electronic keyboard such things as The Star Spangled Banner, Christmas favorites, and every cliche in the book. There truly wasn't even a decent "plain" chime that we were comfortable with. I mean maybe I'm much more suzie-quzie than I thought, but I'd actually be embarrassed to have friends hear a bad Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata clanging from the doorbell.

Akeel Johnson 07/25/2016
Good but troublesome

This case is great for the most part, but gets annoying. The look and feel are goos as well as the extra battery. The charge suck though. By that I mean it has to be completely still to charge. Also the charge port is different. Anyway don't expect to be messing with your phone while it's charging unless you take the phone out of the case

skiwiz 07/16/2016
this product was recommended to me and it lived up to its raves

this product was recommended to me and it lived up to its raves. Lightweight, not bulky like the Mophie and easy to change colors. I'll play it forward and recommend to you

B. Barcellos 07/12/2016
Decent but with serious long term quality issues.

I like this overall, but there are some serious problems that came up after owning it for several months.

1. It will completely come apart and fling both sides and your phone in three different directions. I've never had a case that exploded when dropped - they're generally supposed to do the opposite of that. That is one of the main reasons to have a case after all. The pieces didn't break, but it was a good thing I had a tempered glass protector on the screen or I would have had a serious problem. This happened a few times but hasn't happened lately.

2. After just a few months, the power button got "sticky". I don't know how else to describe. It wasn't literally sticky (I eventually took it apart and there was no foreign material in there). It got to the point where pressing the button wasn't "clicky". Instead it was "mushy" and required strong pressure to activate the battery.

3. The clip-on borders became loose over time, so they didn't snap on seamlessly. Fortunately the case came with a lot of these so I just swapped in a new one as the current one became loose.

4. The doozy: This happens a lot with micro-usb based devices, but only crappy ones. The internals of the micro-usb connector broke. Well, I guess it did. When I plug it in, it won't charge anymore. When I look inside the port, the pins look screwed up. It is impossible to use now. I have a soldering iron, so I might solder in a new micro usb port. I shouldn't have to do that though. I'm tired of cheap tech companies using crappy quality usb ports, so you have to throw it out when the product is 99% still effective, but you can't charge it.

It's also pretty bulky. After opening the case, it seems like it could be made slimmer. This isn't a huge deal.

It has a nice texture, but it is not grippy enough. That's probably why I was able to witness it's like of drop protection multiple times.

The button action is okay. Middle of the road. Better than some, worse than some. Perhaps a little better than average.

Maybe I'll rip out the battery and hardwire it into an electronics project.

Patrick 07/02/2016
This case like many has its pros and cons

This case like many has its pros and cons.

-creates flexibility in my day / life by not needing to constantly think about plugging in my phone, this is great. When its running low I just hold down the button to kick off the charging. This is great.
-Comes with 2 face plates for a little customization, black and ghost grey
-comes with a nice charging cable, and it is a pass through charging concept when plugged in to the wall. Charge phone first, then the case.

-faceplates do not affix super tightly, it is easy to accidently pry a piece of it loose.
-if dropped the faceplate goes flying and the phone stays attached to the back by the lightning connector... I am sure this is a bit of stress on the connector

-I came from the world of Android and micro USB cables so I have plenty of cables to charge with, but for a long time Apple user it may require them to buy some additional cables beyond the one supplied to easily recharge case and phone.

All in all i would definitely buy again.

L. Howard 06/26/2016

I've had several Unu brand cases and Mophie. I've had one off brand that didn't work, so I'm cautious, but the reviews for this made me try it out. Great case, gives my phone extra battery life and I like being able to is micro USB rather than lightening cables to recharge my case and phone.
I've been using this battery case for about 6 weeks now.
Phone will not charge anymore while charging the case. I can charge the case, then use it to charge the phone, but that defeats the purpose.
I have an iPhone 6. I gave the case to my sister, who has an iPhone 6S, to charge her nearly dead phone. It charged from 9% to 16% and then stopped charging.
I got the case for like $11, so I can't be mad, but I'd say save your money and go with an Unu case. I've tested a lot of those and never had this problem.

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