1byone 7.2A / 36W 3-Port USB Car Charger, Silver & Black

Model: O00EL-0424   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 8.99   8.99
  • Top Performance - Smart IC chip intelligently communicates with connected devices to maximize both compatibility and charging speed (up to 2.4 Amp).
  • Multi-Output - DC 5V 7.2A, compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android Smartphone, GPS, Pads and all other digital devices with 5V input.
  • Safety First - Intelligent Circuit Design protects against over-heat, over-currents, over charge and short circuit. CE, FCC & RoHS Certified guarantee.
  • LED Light - Internal LED power indicator is build-in. The dimmed LED indicator helps visualize the connection status and does not distract you while driving.
  • Compact Dimension - 65 x 37 x 23 mm, fits nicely into the recess and firmly into power socket to make sure your digital devices are always charged.
We offer a 30-day refund and 1 Year manufacturer warranty on all products, warranty period starts from the date of purchase, we will replace this unit if its malfunctions of failures are caused by imperfection in material or workmanship.

Made of top-grade aluminium alloy, features a sturdy, patented design Use cowling to keep temperatures low, ensuring stable working conditions, a long lifespan and a low-temperature charging environment.

Features and Safety
Automatic stops charging when there is a danger of overcharging or lower/over voltage that prevent damage from overheating, overcurrenting, and overcharging
Automatic stops charging when the battery is full
Made from fire proof materials for your safety
Certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC

iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android smartphones, most smartphones, tablet PCs, mini speakers, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, GPS navigation devices, handheld consoles, and other digital devices with 5V input Note: Input: DC12V-24V; Output: DC 5V, 7.2A Max.

1 x 1Byone 3-Port Aluminum Alloy Car Charger

1byone - We Can Make It Better!

1byone 7.2 Amp Car Charger - Intelligent, Hi-Q, Safe, Compatible

Intelligent & Powerful

1byone car charger is equipped with intelligent technology on all ports to identify each attached device and provide the highest charging power that the devices can adapt to.

Features 3-Port 7.2A / 36W USB, it can charge any 3 tablet or smartphone devices at the same time.

High Quality

Made of top-grade aluminum alloy, fast charge chip, fashionable design.

Use cowling to keep temperatures low, ensuring stable working conditions, long life time and a low-temperature charging environment.

Safety and Reliable Features

Automatically stop charging when there is a danger of overcharging or lower / over voltage to prevent damage to the batteries from overheat, over current, and overcharge.

Broad Compatibility

Apple: iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4; iPads; iPods touch; iPod nano

Android: Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, S2, Galaxy Note 5, 4, 3, 2; One M8, HTC One Plus, Ace, M7, Mini, M4, X, V, S; Google Nexus 6, 5, 7, 8, 10; Motorola X, Sony Xperia Z2

Notice: Not compatible with DC 24V cars. Please start the car first, then insert the car charger and connect your devices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100%. This car charger comes with a 12-month guarantee. If any issues arise, we will happily send a replacement on us. Satisfaction is our number one priority, at 1byone.
Additional Features microphone, FM transmitter
Compatible Phone Models
Color MapSilver
Manufacturer Warranty Description
faye ann inoue 02/11/2017
This is by far one of the best car chargers I have purchased (and I've purchased more ...

This is by far one of the best car chargers I have purchased (and I've purchased more than a dozen!) I love it so much I bought one for every member of my family. I previously owned the 2 port charger from 1byone and loved it, so when I saw this, I had to get it! I have not received ANY compensation or free products for this review. In my humble opinion, it is well worth the price and convenience of having a mullti-port car charger on hand! Great product!

Number66 02/01/2017
Clearly a superior car charger!!

Delivers more power than most of the generic chargers I've owned. Before acquiring this unit, my Lumia Windows phone always gave me a low voltage warning when plugged into all my other cigar lighter power converters. Not with this one!!

joy6765 01/29/2017
Very satisfied.

Terrific product. Charges very fast. This is my third time purchasing this item. I bought one for my sister who was always amazed at how fast her iPhone 6 would charge. I also use high quality cables which help, but even with average cables, charge is quick compared to others.

Hondo 01/17/2017

This works fine for the most part. I have it mounted vertically in a car center console. I can't give it five stars because on occasion, I've noticed that it has a tendency to work its way out of the socket a bit, so when I think it's charging, it's actually not making a connection with the vehicle's electrical system, and so, not working. I ditched another company's swiveling multi-port charger that I had gotten for my wife's minivan because it continually pulled itself out and so would not power the USB cables, but that charger was mounted horizontally. So I would give it one additional star if they made the springs on the silver contacts more firm so it would not work its way out at all unless you give it a firm pull. A charger that works its way out by itself is a dice roll when you're depending on it to charge your phone as you drive.

elizabeth garcia 01/14/2017
dont bother

Bought this item september 2016 and used it about 5 or 6 times in my truck now its january 2017 and it stoped working tried it on multiple cars and with numerous cords and nothing the blue light doesn't even turn on anymore so dont Even bother

Addicted to golden berries 12/03/2016
Worked well for 3 months before it died.

I was excited for this charger as I would be able to charge more devices a a time. I put it through daily use of charging me iPhone 6, very rarely another device. It worked well for about 3 months. When it stopped working I was super disappointed and thought maybe it's the charging cord but it was not. There goes yet another iPhone charger/charging cable to trash, that ended up being a waste of time and money.

HAL 11/10/2016
Three way car charger that works.

Charges three devices simultaneously. Reason for four stars. In my vehicle the device has a tendency to work its way loose. It needs to be pushed back in to socket or it will not charge my devices.
NOTE: It does NOT come loose in my friends truck???

Kathleen Igo 11/08/2016
Ready for anything with my three plug car charger!!!

I've only had this car charger for my phone, blue tooth, Kindle etc. for only about a month, but so far it has worked beautifully, but naturally I'm not using is as often as I do the ones at home. I decided to go for the three ports just for the once in a while when I need to charge two items and I have a friend who might need to charge their phone or whatever. I realize it's not likely to be used often, but for a dollar more or whatever it was I decided to splurge "just in case"?
One of the things I really appreciate is the fact that it has a light so I can see where the heck it is in a dark car. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Carrie 10/17/2016
Quality product - charge multiple devices at once!

We have been using 1byone 3-Port USB Car Charger for a few weeks at this point, and so far it's working great. Recently used it during a long road trip to successfully charge both a Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy simultaneously, with no issues. Seems to be a quality product, and was certainly worth the price!

John chris 09/04/2016
Great charger.

I was in electronic retail management for a while so I know electronics. It's been a little over a month since I bought this charger. Used it around August 12 ,2016 now September 3rd.I realized that it no longer works. I thought It was a total waste of money,but the company stood behind the product and replaced it. Mine was defective.

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