1byone 7-Inch Wired Video Intercom Doorbell, 1 Camera 2 Monitors

Model: O00VP-0732   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 155.99   155.99 Free shipping
  • Easier Installation - The upgraded version with easier installation due to only 2 wires that need to be connected to work. It only takes minutes, no professional help required.
  • Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring - It allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door, you can answer the door in complete safety and comfort. Also, you can see what's going on outside by press monitoring button.
  • IR Night Vision Camera - Advanced infrared-assisted lighting features, enables you to identify the visitors even during night time. Clear night vision can capture image in low-illumination environment.
  • Electric Door Release - No need to go to the door to unlock it for your guests, just press the unlock button. You would need to purchase an electrical lock. The wireless unlock button only supports power to an electrical lock.
  • Main Features - With Rain shield for the outdoor camera. 14 melodies for the doorbell. Adjustable color, brightness and volume. View angle: 92 degree. Includes a 15 meters cable. Monitor can hang on the wall, cabinet, or be placed on the desk, table, etc.
This 2-way communication is an inexpensive and effective way to talk with the stranger at the door without actually opening the door, can be widely used in villa, office, private house, and other place needs intercom. It is not only a intercom system, but also a home security system.

What's in the Package

2 x Indoor monitor
1 x Outdoor camera
2 x Adapter
2 x Bracket for indoor monitor
1 x 15 meters cable

Operation Instruction:

1. Press CALL button of outdoor camera and graceful rings will be heard from indoor monitor and images of visitors will be seen. Then you can talk with them and see them just by pressing TALK button of the indoor monitor. The talking time can last about 120 seconds.

2. Press UNLOCK button to release the door .

3. Pressing MONITOR button can monitor the situation of outdoor, and it can last 40 seconds situation and talk with the visitors.

4. The brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted turning by the buttons at the side of monitor.

5. MONITOR button can monitor the outdoor.

6. 14 polyphonic melodies for option by pressing the button at the side.

Important notes

1. The video door phone kit includes 15 meters wire. If you want an extension to 15-50 meters, please use the 2 x 0.75mm wire; If you want an extension to 50-100 meters, please use the 2 x 1.0mm wire.
2. One outdoor station can work with Maximum 2 indoor stations at the same time.
SKU O00VP-0732
Shipping Weight 3020g / 6.64 pounds
Package Height 3.70 inch/ 94mm
Package Width 15.20 inch/ 386mm
Package Length 15.24 inch/ 387mm
Package Weight 2080g / 4.58 pounds
Item Height 6.50 inch/ 165mm
Item Length 10.04 inch/ 255mm
Item Width 1.14 inch/ 29mm
Item Weight 0.75 KG /1.65 pounds/750 g
Power Source Corded-Electric
Visual angle 120 degrees wide-angle;
Working distance 164ft(0.157 x 0.0197in );
Indoor Monitor Power DC12V 1200mA by Adapter;
Screen Size 7 Inch;
Outdoor Camera Power DC12V 1200mA from indoor monitor
Monique 02/24/2017
Five Stars

This item is simple and works great. Would definetly buy again.

Jeanette 02/20/2017
My only disappointment is the night visibility

So far it works well. My only disappointment is the night visibility. I was hoping for a little better clarify in the picture of the camera.

Juan G. 09/07/2016
Very easy to install

Simple, elegant design . Very easy to install.

Amazon Customer 07/27/2016

I am an unbiased reviewer and this is my first foray into the video security field. This product is amazing! The cheapest quote I received on a similar system was $2,500 from a professional. The total cost for this system plus the magnetic lock was about $400. I had an electrician friend install it for nearly nothing, so my cost was significantly lower than the quote. This system is very easy to use and the video and audio is excellent. Someone rings the outside doorbell, it rings right next to my desk (and there are lots of bell choices), I speak to them and can see them, and I either push a button to unlock the door or they leave! I would highly recommend this system to anyone with a similar need.

CarmenMiranda 02/21/2016
Pretty amazing for the $

Pretty amazing for the price! I was replacing an old 2 wire video intercom system that the sound had stopped working. which replaced the original house doorbell system. Only drawback is the video quality isn't that good, I wish it was better.

Mike NY 02/21/2016
Nice Video Doorbell

I like this unit as it's easy to setup and produces a clear image. There are a variety of chimes in the unit which are selectable. Overall a nice product for a reasonable price. Customer support is not good however as they know nothing about the unit and actually told me that this model doesn't exist. I told them that I already had it and they were surprised. Their excuse was that the factory sends them units and doesn't tell them anything about them which was actually comical. Despite the lack of competent customer support the unit is very good and worth the money.

richard chung 02/15/2016
Good Intercomm System

This product works great. It was easy to install. Sleek looking LCD monitors.

keiko s. 11/15/2015
If picture quality is better I would give it 5 stars

If picture quality is better I would give it 5 stars.

missdebe 10/27/2015
Bought to enhance the security in my home. Great system!

I recently purchased the 1byone 7" Color Video Door Phone Kit (VP-0732) to enhance the security in my home. By recommendation, I bought this system because it enables me to see whose calling and gives me the ability to talk to anyone prior to opening the door. I have an elderly mother-in-law at home and I don’t want her opening the door without seeing who’s there first, especially when I’m not at home. This product has made our lives much safer, manageable and has given me piece of mind.

The 1byone Video Door Phone Kit is basically composed of 3 parts. There is the camera unit fitted outside the house and the two monitoring panels mounted inside the house. The outside hidden camera captures videos in color, grabs sound and transmits the information to the inside monitor units. You can see on the monitor who’s at the door and can talk to them. You can then open the door from the monitor unit itself. This requires an optional electric lock to be installed and is sold separately. The outside camera is weatherproof and built to endure all seasons.

This product has a monitoring system that allows me to press a button and see what’s going on outside. It also has an IR night vision camera that enables me to see anyone at my door when it gets dark. The outside camera has a rain shield to protect it from the elements and allows me to have clear vision, even during inclement weather.

This kit comes with the following: (2) indoor monitors, (1) outdoor camera, (2) adapters, (2) brackets for the indoor monitors, (1) 15m cable and screws. The system is wired, takes little time to install and requires no professional help. I was able to install the system in under an hour.

- Dual Way Intercom
- Indoor monitoring
- IR Night Vision Camera
- Weatherproof (rain shield for outside camera)
- 14 chord melodies
- Adjustable color
- View Angle: 92 degree
- Electronic Door Release (optional and sold separately)

- None to report at this date

I gave this product a 5-star rating and highly recommend to anyone looking for a video door phone system that is reasonable, easy to use, and that can be installed without any major preparation.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased evaluation. I reviewed this product thoroughly, listing the pros/cons and did so to the best of my ability. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Nathan Gordon 10/15/2015
Bell rings and noone is there

Intermittent problem with bell going off without being rung. Every 20 minutes or so the bell would ring twice. This continued about every 20 minutes. If I pressed the button for the bell it wouldn't happen again for a day or two but then it would start up again. I tried swapping out the console since I had only one that was hooked up. This made no difference. I am very disappointed with the product

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