1byone 7-Inch Touch Screen Wired Video Doorbell, 2 Monitors 1 Camera

Model: O00VP-0689   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 179.99   179.99 Free shipping
  • Security through Vision - The wall-mounted 7-inch color monitor and outdoor doorbell with integrated HD camera ensures you can both see and speak with all visitors
  • Durable Construction - The Outdoor doorbell is constructed using a full aluminum front panel for protection from vandalism, while waterproofing protects from the elements. IR (infrared) LED projection provides clear vision of visitors even in the darkness of night.
  • Save Videos and Photos - Videos and photos taken from the outdoor doorbell can be stored on an inserted SD cards or the monitor’s internal memory for later viewing. (Note: Saving video requires an SD card, up to 32gb, not included)
  • Easy installation: Easy 2-wire setup system includes installation materials and 49-foot (15-meter) connection cable.
  • Lock Control - Control up to 2 electric door/gate locks directly from the color monitor for even further security and convenience.
Operation Instructions:

1. Receiving Visitors: When a visitor presses the doorbell button on the outdoor video doorbell unit, not only will one of 16 selectable melodies ring on the indoor monitors but the doorbell will also automatically take and store a photo of the visitor.
2. Answering the Doorbell: Simply press the "Talk" button on the indoor monitor and you'll be able to see video of the visitor as you communicate with him or her.
3. Monitoring: Even when a visitor has not pressed the doorbell button, you can still activate the doorbell's video feed by pressing the "Monitor" button to see a live view outside your door.
4. Opening the Door/Gate: Purchase the additional Electric Door Lock and you can open the door or gate for your visitor with a touch of a button without leaving the security of your home.
5. Settings: Adjust for brightness, volume, and select one of 16 polyphonic doorbell melodies.
6. Videos and Photos: Browse stored videos and photos, and delete or transfer them to an SD card. Set the time and date on the monitor unit for accurate video/picture tracking.

Important notes:

1. This video doorbell kit includes a 49 feet (15 meters ) wires. If wanting to add addition wire to extend up to 82 feet (25 meters), please use 2 x 0.75mm wire; If wanting to extend more than 82 feet, please use the 2 x 1.0mm wire.


Power: Input: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz; Output: DC 15V, 1200mA
Display: 7-inch TFT-LCD
Ring Tone: 16 melodies.
Operation temperature: -10℃ - 40℃
Operation humidity: less than 90%
Dimension: 9.3in x 5.0in x 1.0in

Outdoor video doorbell:

Power: Input: DC 15V, 1200mA
Operation temperature: -20℃ - 50℃
Operation humidity: less than 90%
Dimension: 4.3 in x 6.2in x 2.2in
SKU O00VP-0689
Shipping Weight 2660g / 5.85 pounds
Package Height 4.33 inch/ 110mm
Package Width 10.04 inch/ 255mm
Package Length 10.63 inch/ 270mm
Package Weight 1900g / 4.18 pounds
Item Height 5.04 inch/ 128mm
Item Length 9.25 inch/ 235mm
Item Width 0.98 inch/ 25mm
Item Weight 0.805 KG /1.77 pounds/805 g
Power Source DC
Visual angle 120 degrees wide-angle;
Working distance 164ft(0.157 x 0.0197in );
Indoor Monitor Power DC12V 1200mA by Adapter;
Screen Size 7 Inch;
Outdoor Camera Power DC12V 1200mA from indoor monitor
Amazon Customer 03/05/2017
Four Stars

Works ok

Amazon Customer 03/04/2017
the product is really awesome. Here in Argentina it's very difficult to find ...

"I am an unbiased reviewer, so, the product is really awesome. Here in Argentina it's very difficult to find something like this in a good price. Thanks!!!"

Aladin 02/28/2017
Waste of money

Bought this unit and installation was pretty simple. Screen is nice and big, appearance wise is great but functionality was pretty buggy. First of all the mic in the monitor was weak, can barely hear from the door unless you speak closer to the unit, meaning you really have to be 2 inches away. Second, the communication between the door unit and the monitor was intermittent. Finally, the volume setting for the doorbell is limited. Can't really turn it very low, only the preselected setting. On the positive note, you do have a few selection of chimes to choose from. It's just I don't care for any of them.
I did decide to buy a different unit and replaced these ones. I won't recommend buying the unit.

BARRY 01/14/2017
Bad product I wish I could return but they won't ...

Bad product I wish I could return but they won't let me all around a poorly made bulky don't buy

Jefferson 01/03/2017
Five Stars

Very Good.

Amazon Customer 01/02/2017

Product arrived undamaged and in a timely manner. I'd consider myself a moderate handy man and was able to install with relative ease. It's simple to use and in my opinion has a good viewing camera. (In full disclosure I have not tried any other doorbell cameras to compare)

In my "personal" installation. The time of installation was approx 2-3 hrs. (I took some time to "carefully" break out my stucco so I could flush mount the box with minimal (actually no) stucco repair. (I got lucky)

I'll be honest and say I did run some electrical wiring for power plugs to accommodate my personal custom needs. But I think in most cases this wouldn't be a normal issue for most people. (As long as you have a power outlet near your final location of the interior monitors)

At the time of this review, I've had it installed for 4 weeks and it has worked with no issues.

Jerrychen 12/12/2016
Four Stars

Goo stuff

Amazon Customer 12/07/2016
Four Stars

Great product for the price you pay.

tech_guy 11/25/2016
It worked fine, until it just didn't

It worked fine, until it just didn't.
So when I had to choose for a doorbell, I wanted to have video of course, the record system is a plus as I can check who rang the doorbell when I was not home, the problems started with one of the screens, it started to show lines like an old TV, so I thought, well You get what you paid for, and then suddenly that monitor stopped working, I have a two stories home, so there is no use for me to run upstairs to see who is there.
While the second monitor is still working, it has started to show the lines again and I do not know for how long it will last.
I'm tempted to buy a replacement screen but guess what, they do not sell just the screen.
I wont buy this again, and next time, if i'm spending my money I would rather buy quality.. you get what you paid for

JOhn Smith 11/20/2016
so far everything is so good and excellent

so far everything is so good and excellent service

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