1byone 7-Inch Wired Video Intercom Doorbell, 1 Camera & 1 Monitor

Model: O00VP-0634   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 99.99   99.99 Free shipping
  • Easier Installation - The upgraded version with easier installation due to only 2 wires that need to be connected to work. It only takes minutes, no professional help required.
  • Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring - It allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door, you can answer the door in complete safety and comfort. Also, you can see what's going on outside by press monitoring button.
  • IR Night Vision Camera - Advanced infrared-assisted lighting features, enables you to identify the visitors even during night time. Clear night vision can capture image in low-illumination environment.
  • Electric Door Release - No need to go to the door to unlock it for your guests, just press the unlock button. You would need to purchase an electrical lock. The wireless unlock button only supports power to an electrical lock.
  • Main Features - With Rain shield for the outdoor camera. 14 melodies for the doorbell. Adjustable color, brightness and volume. View angle: 92 degree. Includes a 15 meters cable. Monitor can hang on the wall, cabinet, or be placed on the desk, table, etc.
This 2-way communication is an inexpensive and effective way to talk with the stranger at the door without actually opening the door, can be widely used in villa, office, private house, and other place needs intercom. It is not only a intercom system, but also a home security system.

What's in the Package

1 x Indoor monitor
1 x Outdoor camera
1 x Adapter
1 x Bracket for indoor monitor
1 x 15 meters cable
Screws (3 screws for Indoor Monitor, 2 screws for Outdoor Camera)

Operation Instruction:

1. Press CALL button of outdoor camera and graceful rings will be heard from indoor monitor and images of visitors will be seen. Then you can talk with them and see them just by pressing TALK button of the indoor monitor. The talking time can last about 120 seconds.

2. Press UNLOCK button to release the door.

3. Pressing MONITOR button can monitor the situation of outdoor, and it can last 40 seconds situation and talk with the visitors.

4. The brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted turning by the buttons at the side of monitor.

5. MONITOR button can monitor the outdoor.

6. 14 polyphonic melodies for option by pressing the button at the side.

Important notes

1. The video door phone kit includes 15 meters wire. If you want an extension to 15-50 meters, please use the 2×0.75mm wire; If you want an extension to 50-100 meters, please use the 2×1.0mm wire.
2. One outdoor station can work with maximum 2 indoor stations at the same time.
SKU O00VP-0634
Shipping Weight 2080g / 4.58 pounds
Package Height 3.70 inch/ 94mm
Package Width 11.69 inch/ 297mm
Package Length 15.28 inch/ 388mm
Package Weight 2080g / 4.58 pounds
Item Height 6.50 inch/ 165mm
Item Length 10.04 inch/ 255mm
Item Width 1.14 inch/ 29mm
Item Weight 0.705 KG /1.55 pounds/705 g
Power Source Corded-Electric
Visual angle 120 degrees wide-angle;
Working distance 164ft(0.157 x 0.0197in );
Indoor Monitor Power DC12V 1200mA by Adapter;
Screen Size 7 Inch;
Outdoor Camera Power DC12V 1200mA from indoor monitor
Amazon Customer 01/13/2017
Not a good camera view

They don't tell you that the door bell portion has to be mounted almost at eye level in order for the camera to see the person's face. We put it in the same place as our previous doorbell and all you can see is the person's belly. The camera should be one u can tilt or a fish eye, but it's not. Other than that, everything works and seems good.

Alma 12/21/2016
Only okay...

would be so much better if this could somehow send alerts whenever someone approached the door. There is also no recording just a live feed. Its okay but for the price there are better alternatives. I was originally under the impression that it was in fact compatible with mobile devices but after inspecting it and realizing that it was not I had to return it. would still recommend if you do not want something with wifi or recorded footage.

Amazon Customer 12/20/2016
Five Stars

Now I can know who at my door before opening

hamashiach 12/19/2016
Fun, Fun, Fun...

I love this product. It is affordable for what it is suppose to do; it makes me feel safe and I looked up on YouTube how to install it so it wasn't hard to deal with -- you know if it wasn't for YouTube many of these products I hate to say it would be hard to deal with, but I am happy because I got instructions and I feel safe. I installed this all by myself with YouTube channel help. This product is fun and I wouldn't order any other one.

sheryrill 12/09/2016
Five Stars

Perfect Idea for my mother n law.

ruby miller 12/06/2016
Four Stars

I am returning it but it looks efficient.

jason Hammond 10/31/2016
Three Stars

Poor video quality but works fine

Gwendolyn James 09/14/2016
Now you can see those in plain veiw

This was a challenge to me. and a wonderful challenge that I enjoyed . I did not think that I would ever own a video doorbell up until now. The experience of installing this doorbell was the hardest experience. Since I am a renter for the moment, I installed this video door at one of my family members home which they own. Yes, yo do have to drill a hole or two to install the 7 inch LCD wired monitor. This does require your using wiring to install . There is not going to be an easier way to hook up your Video Doorbell.Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring: It allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door, you can answer the door in complete safety and comfort. Also, you can see what's going on outside by press monitoring button. You have to enjoy a video doorbell especially when it comes to seeing and hearing your quests before they even enter your home, you can not sat this is ban amazing device to own for those wanted and unexpected quests that pop up without a moment notice. This is what you need , No more surprises , you can now see and hear those standing at your front door.

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and my opinions are 100% of my very own.

Mcckdale84 09/07/2016
This is really no problem but you do need towatch what you are saying because people could be listening

 I bought this to be able to see who was at our door day or night. I previously had added a see through on the door but it still required me to be sneaky to go right up to the door and see who was there. With this I have mounted it in our living room and when they ring the bell it automatically turns on to see who it is. Most of the time its just UPS or the mailman but I can see if they have packages. Also, this helps prevent soliciters from getting me cornered.

My daughter even loves this because she likes to play with the intercom option. The intercom itself is very loud and my only concern with this is that we found out it can stay on for awhile after your done using it. This is really no problem but you do need to watch what you are saying because people could be listening. I also tested this and could hear the intercom from the end of the driveway.

This was easier then I thought it would be to install. I have made a video showing how I was able to get it up and running to help others. This should show you that you can do this.

This comes in a large box and includes the monitor with video and intercom, the doorbell with camera and intercom, the power plug for the monitor, plenty of 2 wire cord, and all the mounting hardware.

I did receive this for free or at a discounted price to review and to give my own opinion on.

Ghost Fox Tech 08/30/2016
An excellent budget option for home security!

 For a budget video doorbell intercom system, this unit offers simple installation and all the features you need. While the video may not be of the highest quality, it's hard to expect more in this price range. This upgraded version of their initial release is essentially the same, but only uses a single 2-strand wire for installation. This makes it extremely easy to set up without the need for any professional installation.

- Easy to install.
- Good volume on doorbell and intercom.
- Automatic night vision.

- Display screen is only 480i (standard definition).
- No wi-fi functionality.

The overall design of this unit is solid, though a bit on the larger side. While it's not bulky, the unit does have a bit of an older look due to the fact that the housing is much larger than the screen itself. This probably aids in the low price point of this unit, but it isn't the most pleasing look. The screen is a reasonable 7 inches diagonal, but only comes in at 480 pixels (the same as a standard definition television). I don't consider this a problem though, as resolution beyond that isn't really necessary in this case. You're not sharing video of this online or making a home movie with it.

As I mentioned, the upgraded version is VERY easy to install. The main indoor screen needs to be located somewhat near a power outlet to plug the adapter into, but the outdoor side is powered via the single 2-strand wire provided in the kit. With a single hole or opening to the outside, you can quickly and easily run the necessary wire and have this up and running. It took me all of 15 minutes to set up. Aside from perhaps a drill, everything you need for installation is provided in the kit.

The unit has various options for chimes, depending on your preference. I would have loved to see the option for custom chimes here, but again that would simply increase the price. The chimes are definitely loud enough to be hear throughout your house, unless you live in a mansion or have loud music blasting. I could easily hear this on the second floor of my house when someone rang the doorbell. The intercom also has good volume, without being overly loud. You'll definitely hear the person outside, and they will hear you even with some traffic.

I would love to see some wi-fi functionality on this product, but then we get back to talking about price. That's probably the one thing this doesn't offer in competition with the high-end models. But the fact that this unit comes in at less than half the cost of a similar option with wi-fi makes a big difference. I'd highly recommend this for someone looking into budget options for home security and surveillance. And the fact that you won't need to hire a professional to install it will save you that much more in the final cost.

I received a discount on this video doorbell for my unbiased product evaluation.

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