1byone 2.4G Wireless Video Door Phone

Model: O00VP-0406   |   Brand: 1Byone     
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  • Safe, Convenient, and Fully Featured - See, hear, and speak with visitors without ever leaving the security of your home with dual-way intercom and video monitoring. This kit includes 1 outdoor camera, 1 indoor monitors, and simple wireless system for easy monitor installation on an indoor wall, in a cabinet, or on a table or desk.
  • Video Recording - Take videos and photos using the optimized 92º video doorbell camera and store footage directly on the indoor monitor's internal storage or an SD card for future playback.
  • IR Night Vision Rain Proofing - Advanced infrared-assisted night vision allows a clear view of visitors in low-illumination environments no matter the time or weather. Rain proofing protects the doorbell even in extreme weather and heavy rain.
  • Weather Resistance - Rated IP44 outdoor video doorbell, installed without worrying about snow, rain, dust, and intense sunlight
  • Electric Door Release - Open door with the touch of a single button without ever leaving the home by purchasing the additional Electric Lock.
With adaptive frequency hopping technology, this video door phone has the function of sharing 2.4G frequency band with WLAN card and Bluetooth. Generating randomly telecommunication and synchronization channels with strong anti-interference.

Just by finger touch, you can select 16 polyphonic melodies, and the volume is adjustable! Four outdoor stations can be connected with one indoor monitor, and there are two kinds of brackets selected for hanging on the wall or putting on your table.


1. 2.4G ISM digital public frequency channel: 2402 ~ 2483.5 MHz.
2. Data transmission of image happens with that of audio simultaneously, with transmitting rate up to 2 Mbit/s.
3. Full duplex audio mode. CFSK Modulation.
4. OV7725 camera and 7 inch TFT screen with high definition.
5. Transmission Power: 16-20dBm; Receive Sensitivity: -90 ~ -100dBm.
6. Operating range up to 300 meters (open area).
7. Power Supply: Indoor Monitor: DC5V, 1000mAh; Outdoor Station: DC15V, 1200 mAh.

What's in the Package

1 x indoor monitor
1 x outdoor camera
2 x adapters
1 x Rain cover
1 x iron bracket for indoor monitor
1 x plastic bracket for indoor monitor
1 x SD card(1G)
1 x USB line
SKU O00VP-0406
Shipping Weight 1180g / 2.60 pounds
Item Height 6.50 inch/ 165mm
Item Length 10.2 inch/ 259mm
Item Width 4.7 inch/ 119mm
Input voltage and frequency of adapter AC110-240V/60Hz -50Hz.
Visual angle 92¡ã wide-angle
Working temperature -10 to 40 degrees
Indoor monitor dimension232 X 140 X 21mm
Screen size 7 inch
Screen figure dimension 169.4(W)X 100(H)X5.7(D) mm
Lisa and Steve 03/24/2016

The 1byone wireless video door intercom came professionally packaged and the instructions were straightforward, but a little bit more in depth wiring instructions and menu navigation instructions would be appreciated. But with experimenting/playing with the software you will eventually figure it out. The wiring instructions/diagram needs to be less cluttered and more explained.

I received the wrong unit approximately three weeks ago, which was the wired version of this. Summer with 1byone exchanged it and made sure the right unit was delivered. The customer service is phenomenal with this company.

This is a pretty straightforward product. Hook up the positive and negative to the slots labeled one and two on the back of the camera. Plug in the LED display with the powerpack that plugs into the back of the screen or use the mini USB to plug into a computer or external battery. It pairs up automatically to each other. Within 90 seconds you will be able to see an image on the LED screen. Getting into the menu is somewhat simple but then navigating inside the menu is a little bit difficult and takes time to know which buttons to push. But with some practice, approximately 30 to 40 minutes, you'll become an expert.

The doorbell/camera portion is made of aluminum with a plastic housing. The LED screen is approximately 4" x 7" and about 1 inch thick. It is a little large for what it is. It does have a base that you can set the screen on, which can be placed at your bedside table, which is what we plan on doing with it. There is also a bracket on the back of the screen where you can mount it to the wall.

Now for simplicity....this is your doorbell. I received another wireless doorbell from another company and it's used Wi-Fi, which was difficult to set up, where as this is more like a baby monitor where it's already paired right out of the box. Now if you were going to use this as a baby monitor or inside home monitor then I would get a more secured model, but if it's just a doorbell, you will be fine unsecured.

The video quality at about 10 feet is good but any more than that and it's grainy. The night light infrareds illuminated well up to about 8 feet but gets grainy after that. Not to say you wouldn't be able to recognize someone during the day or night at larger distances, it's just that they would be grainy versus clear. The pictures that were taken are from about 3 feet away. One in the dark, one with the light on. The quality of the picture would be better if directly from the SD card and not my phone.

The sound is pretty clear and is adjustable on both the screen and the doorbell.

In conclusion, this is a very simple video doorbell to set up. Someone could be done in less than an hour of wiring, setting the menu with the time and options, also mounting everything. This would be perfect for someone that is alone at home, a two-story home, townhouse, outbuilding, or basement intercom. But this version does have some drawbacks: it does not turn on with motion, the LED screen is too big, the LED screen does not have a battery back up for portability.

We received this product for free in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. We are registered nurses and our word/trust is our reputation!!!

5 Dollar Footlong 06/05/2015
Product description is in accurate

Ordered system based on description that included a 5 meter cable (for power). SKU O00VP-406. The power cable received is 2m at most. Unfortunately, this will not work for our needs

Product wiring / installation instructions are as bare bones as possible. Too bad, as product looks to be otherwise functional for needs.

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