1byone Fake TV Simulator Anti-Burglar & Theft Deterrent with LED Light

Model: 105US-0001   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
$ 17.99   17.99
  • Visual deterrent to intruders / burglars with the illusion that someone is at home watching TV. Built-in light sensor turns the Fake TV on at dusk with selectable timing settings, giving the illusion that you at home.
  • Realistic TV programme simulation with scene changes, light flickering, on-screen motion and unpredictable colour pattern changes. Light sensor automatically triggers the Fake TV at dusk.
  • Automatically turns on when dark outside (0.5 lux) and automatic shut-off at the switch selectable time. Two settings: Dusk+4 hours and Dusk+7 hours.
  • Mains-powered - 100-240V AC Adapter included, ensuring that the Fake TV is always powered.
  • Eco friendly with low consumption helps to reduce the running cost of the Fake TV. Much safer than leaving a television set running when no one is at home.
How does the FakeTV deter burglars?

The FakeTV acts as a visual deterrent by making thieves burglars think that you are at home watching a TV. It does this by mimicking what would be viewed if you were to actually watch TV with scene changes, light fades, light flickering, on-screen motion and unpredictable colour changes. The FakeTV is fully portable and easy to setup, providing you with a great visual deterrent.

When does the FakeTV turn on?

1) The FakeTV has three different operational settings which are "Dusk+4 hours","Dusk+7 hours "and "on ".
2) Simply place it near a window and its internal light sensor will automatically trigger the super bright multi-colour LED lights at dusk, simulating a working television set.


1. Plug TV Simulator into the included adaptor
2. Move the switch to "Dusk + 4hrs" = light comes on, the built-in light sensor will turn Home Security TV Simulator on when it gets dark, and it work continuously for 4hours and standby automatically
3. Or move the switch to "Dusk + 8hrs" = light comes on and it work continuously 8hours and standby automatically
4. Move the switch to the "ON" = Device will start working at once
5. Move the switch to the "OFF" = Device will turn off

SKU 105US-0001
Shipping Weight 240g / 0.53 pounds
Package Height 0.22 inch/ 5.7cm
Package Width 0.39 inch/ 10cm
Package Length 0.69 inch/ 17.6cm
Package Weight 240g / 0.53 pounds
Item Height 0.35 inch/ 9cm
Item Length 0.33 inch/ 8.5cm
Item Width 0.13 inch/ 3.5cm
Item Weight 0.108 KG /0.23 pounds/108 g
Mount Type Wall, Table
Power Source AC
Input voltage AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.2A
Output 9V 200mA
LED quantity12 pcs (6 white,3 green,2 blue,1 red)
Power consumption Average 3W during operating state
Mcckdale84 09/21/2016
Great way to repel thieves

I ordered this to help secure my home when I am away. We travel a lot and this is just another measure to ease our minds when we are far from our house. We have a large set of three windows on the front of our house so we plan to bring the window blinds half way down from the top and have this in the room. This is made up of LED lights, it draws no real power when on so, we can leave it on for days with no problem. It just randomly changes colors and goes on and off like a real tv does.

This came in a small box and includes the tv simulator, a piece of double sided sticky tape to install it, some screws to permanently install it, and the charger plug. It has two different timer settings and also can be left on all the time. I have added photos to show how this arrives and what it looks like.

I did receive this tv simultaor for free or at a discounted price for my review and to give my opinion on how well it works.

Equality Rocks 09/19/2016
Authentic and bright

This item does make it authentically look as though a television is on inside your house. Plug it in, set how you would like it to work (timing-wise... always on or for a limited time) and you're done. I asked my neighbor if he could tell that I had the television on in my bedroom, and he said yes. I didn't tell him I had this device. Nice!

Ghost Fox Tech 09/16/2016
Simple, intelligent, and inexpensive way to deter thieves.

 This is an interesting and unique product that provides an inexpensive theft deterrent without needing a security system. It's quite a simple yet effective design that uses an LED projector to make it appear as if someone is home watching TV, making your home a less desirable target for thieves. Typically people don't break into homes where they believe someone is home, yet alone awake. I'm actually surprised there aren't more of this type of simple solution out there offering intelligent and inexpensive options.

I compared this to our living room TV, and while it doesn't put out the same amount of light as a 65 inch widescreen TV, it comes close and mimics the light patterns exceptionally well. This certainly represents the light coming from a more common-sides television. And as long as you have the unit itself out of view of the window, it's very likely anyone walking or driving by would easily mistake this for a television. I'm quite impressed with the ingenuity of this product.

I think that even if you have a security system, this adds another layer to it while you're away. You can easily set it to come on at sundown and stay on for either 4 or 7 hours. And it isn't going to use a lot of energy as it uses LED lights. The LED lights should also have a very long life, so this product should last you a long time. And given that it costs under $20, it's pretty difficult to find an argument not to have one of these. I'd definitely recommend this as a stand alone or additional security component for your home.

I received a discount on this TV simulator for my unbiased product evaluation.

Matt G. 09/15/2016
Full-price review. No discount. This is the one to get.

This is NOT a compensated review. No discounts here.

Of the 3 variants I purchased (all at full price) this is the best. The other "triangular wedge" shaped versions are not as bright, and less intelligent as they punctuate a 1-minute loop, with solid red, then solid green. How many times does your TV light up the room deep red or green? Especially one then the other? It's like a mix-tape of The Green Lantern meets The Hunt for Red October.

The 1byone simulator THANKFULLY, does NOT do that. The flickering, color, and pattern is more intelligent. The light output is mostly white-ish, with subtle variations of color and a combination of sudden or gradual dimming.

This one also has a tilting base, and the option to stick and/or screw it down. The reviews talking about shining this ONTO windows or curtains are not understanding the logic of this product. It is intended to make a room GLOW with light and color in the way a TV does, not point out the window like a projector. You want to aim the light so it bounces off a white surface ( even the ceiling if necessary ) from the other side of the room, opposite the windows. If you do this, it is plenty bright and very effective. Is your TV normally against the window so would-be robbers see an image of Magnum P.I. guarding the place?

Bounced of a wall this glows a room as bright as our big TV, and the resulting color, glow, and flicker simulates actual TV better than the "wedges" of other brands... AND this one is about the same price or less. This is DEFINITELY bright enough... it's bright... bright-bright.

The only thing that will make this 5-stars is TIME, as I read some reviews about short-life... hence the only thing to possibly lower the score is a failure, but I just bought two more, also at full-price... So that should tell you something.

Mike L 09/14/2016
Small and effective.

This does do a pretty good job with the varying color hues and brightness. It's much smaller than I thought it would be, maybe a little smaller than a Garmin GPS. Just plug it in and point it toward a wall and let it do it's thing. You might consider adding a timer to it so it turns on/off at your normal viewing times, in case anyone is watching your house. Uses very little power (like a cell phone charger) and fits in a drawer when not in use. Only way to improve would be to add a built in timer, but for the money this is great.

UMich Grad Shopper 09/11/2016
LED lights and times settings for money savings; good patterns of lights for believability

At first, I thought I might have a defective unit as it didn't appear to be working right. As I turned off more and more lighting, the unit began to operate as expected. It's not very big, but it doesn't need to be. The randomness of the colors, brightness, and flash frequency should be pretty convincing. I received this at a discount in exchange for a honest review. I like that it is LED for the cost savings. I like that it will be dusk plus 4 hours for spring and fall and dusk plus 7 hours for winter use. It can be left on all the time as well. It came with hardware for mounting.

Polly Swafford 09/10/2016
We live on a darker country road so honestly if we did no one would know so they could take their sweet time doing as they wish

We go on trips often, and the one thing we are always afraid of is our home being broken into. We live on a darker country road so honestly if we did no one would know so they could take their sweet time doing as they wish. So we were looking into things we could use to hopefully detour anyone who is considering hitting our house. We did not want to go overboard as common sense can take over if you put to much into it that can mark your house. So this came across me, and after discussing it with a trusted family member we decided to try it.
It is not overly bright that would shine into your yard, but bright enough you would assume by driving by that it is a tv turned on some type of infomerical during the early morning hours. Very easy to install if you want it screwed into your wall (comes with a mount and screws) or if you want it sitting on a table it comes pre-installed on a mount. The power source is a included wall plug in that has around a 3 foot cord from plug in to the actual device. The mount can be moved back/forward if you desire it to be in a higher or lower position depending on your room, and where you are wanting the light at.
There are 4 controls, the basic on/off switch, then 2 other switches that 1 allows you to set it to come on at Dusk +4 hours after, 2 allows you to set it to come on at Dusk +7 hours after.
"i received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review"

Jeremy Pederson 09/10/2016
Neat Security TV Simulater

This is really interesting, but I like the fact that if we leave at at night at all and instead of leaving the actual tv on, I can plug this in and use this to mimic a tv. I do believe that you should have your blinds closed so that if I person was to look in to see if your home, they wont see that its just a light acting like a tv. The light is bright, so you dont need to worry about that when you leave with it on. There obviously is no speaker on this so there is no sound like a tv. So you can put on like a talk show on the radio, then you can have it more like a tv is on with the sound then too. It comes with the plug, a instruction manual, and 2 sided sticky tape with screws so you can hang it from the wall. Overall this is nicely made and a neat thing to have for some kind of security when you're gone to help deter criminals from breaking into your home. I would recommend this.

Disclaimer- I received this for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

AudreyTrahan 09/10/2016
The way it works is it flashes different colored lights into your window to make it look like someone is home and watching TV la

My family enjoys taking lots of camping trips and always worried that my house will get broken into when I'm not home. So we decided to try and find a few things to deter people from breaking in without having to pay for an alarm system. So when I saw this TV simulator I thought it was a neat idea. It comes in ready to use all you do is simply plug it in. The way it works is it flashes different colored lights into your window to make it look like someone is home and watching TV late at night. I like using this instead of having to leave my TV on when no one's home. Depending on how your house is designed this could be put on a table in front of the window or mounted to the wall this product comes with wall mounts that are very easy to install. It comes with its own stand that is adjustable.which I think is out and went outside and it really does look like an actual TV is on even from the road.overall this product works as it should. If you're looking for some type of home security without a high price this works so well. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Daniel O 09/08/2016
Great! Peace of mind

We purchased this item because our neighborhood had been getting lots of break-ins lately, and the holidays are approaching, so we will be out visiting with family. We plugged it in and went outside to look. It's amazing how realistic the flickering looks from outside. The only thing you do need to look out for is to make sure that the unit isn't visible from outside. So, if you have more than one story, you'll want to put it on the second floor etc.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another.