1byone Digital Display Kitchen Scale, Elegant Black

Model: 700US-0001   |   Brand: 1Byone     
$ 10.99   10.99
  • Built with a high quality strain gauge, it allows precision range from 0.01oz / 1g up to 11lbs / 5kg, calculates the weight of your ingredients more exactly.
  • Good electroplating technology easily converts all kinds of units in pounds (lb), ounces (oz), grams (g), milliliter(ml).
  • Convenient auto-zero, tare, and auto-off functions, fast calibration in seconds, and all the functions are easy operating!
  • Ultra-low power consumption and overload indication, and with batteries included for immediately use after delivery.
  • With stylish design & pleasing functions, it ensures you a satisfactory experience, healthy life and diet style.

The new Digital Kitchen Scale by 1byone is a true multifunction scale for the kitchen and all other situations at home.

This scale is a good companion for serious cooking, built with the latest generation in sensor technology to ensure accuracy and immediate responses for the fast-paced chef.


The scale's wide screen LCD display shows units in grams, ounces, pounds, milliliter and the large Unit button lets you change the unit of measurement with ease.

Manufactured to comply to rigorous quality specifications. Maximum weights up to 11 pounds and with high precision up to 0.01 ounces to help you achieve your diet and weight goals when it really counts.


Capacity: 3g - 5000g

Division: 1g

Unit: g/lb/oz/ml

Work current: Work mode ≦ 10mA Standby mode ≦ 10uA

Power: 2 x AAA batteries (DC3V)

Work temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃

Storage temperature: -10 ~ 50℃

Humidity: ≦ 90%RH
Condition Note
Intended Use Home
Target Audienceadults seniors men women unisex-adult
Other Attributes Cast Iron
Subject Matter Christmas gift
Item Display Width 21 MM (0.83 inches)
Seat Height 11MM (0.43 inches)
Hazardous Material Type unknow
Consumer Notice unknow
Item Display Height 20MM (0.79 inches)
Item Display Length 50MM (1.97 inches)
Material Type 18/10 Steel
Wattage 1.5 Watt
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer Warranty Description
Batteries are Included
Are Batteries Required
Number of Pieces 1
External Testing CertificationFCC, CE, RoHS
Natalie R 03/04/2017
A great scale with better precision

I used to have an Ozeri Pro kitchen scale but its precision was to a 0.05 ounce capacity and I noticed odd fluctuations. I wanted something more precise, so after searching through reviews and products, I settled on the 1byone scale. So far, it's been great! Much more sensitive to weight and perfect for my needs. I use it to bake, to cook and to weigh packages.

The real test was to see if it was still reading the same for a product, despite its location on the scale. Looks like the pressure points are even because I moved a small tube of lip balm in 5 spots around the scale and it picked up the weight correctly each time.

Patricia Forbes 03/03/2017
Precision scale. Must have if you're cutting back calories and carbs

This is an awesome scale. The fact that it goes all the way to 11 pounds is a plus! And weighs as little as a gram. It's compact design makes it easy to store; right on my microwave

Amazon Customer 02/23/2017
Functional, no frills.

I bought this one because my soap making equipment won't be out here for another month, and I missed making soap. This scale works well enough to get by, but it's not ideal. The screen is easily covered by a large pot or bowl on the scale, and it doesn't seem as accurate as my usual scale. When I remove a container and put it back on, it isn't necessarily the same weight (even if tared). Still, it functions, and it's small. It will do as a back up unit.

Toto 02/10/2017
Great scale!

The scale arrived with batteries installed already. Very easy to understand and operate. It is light weight & looks nice on the counter. Works great with tare weight to weigh items in a container. I bought it to assist with the estimation of ingredients, and to assist with portion control. Great value overall & I'm glad I purchased the scale. Highly recommended.

Amazon Customer 02/07/2017
straight forward functional scale

This is a straight forward functional scale. Not the most stylish, but I knew that before I purchased. I selected this one because 1) it does NOT have a back-light so battery should last longer (yet amazingly the display is quite readable in normal kitchen light) and 2) the display is positioned and angled so that it is not obstructed by large objects like bowls set on the scale, unlike what was mentioned in the reviews for prettier scales. Caveat: You may want a scale that uses a back-light for the display if you are regularly cook in the dark. (I know people for whom, based on their cooking. one might conclude had cooked in the dark. A note of warning if this applies to you - a back lit scale will not help you.) Also, this is a two button scale so turning it off confused others in my household. The scale will turn off when the tare is 0.0, so sometimes you have to press it twice, once to tare it to 0, and once again to turn it off. Of you could just let it sit there unused for a long while and let it turn itself off.

Amazon Customer 02/05/2017
I was previously using a "Weight Watchers" scale to measure ...

I was previously using a "Weight Watchers" scale to measure the dog food I feed my little diabetic dog. It was hard to use as it was an analog scale with the indicator wrapped around it. You had to have your eye precisely lined up with the indicator to get a correct weight. With the 1byone, I can put a container on it, tare it out and add food till it says what I want. It saves me time and aggravation. And I know it is accurate, because if I re-measure the food, it is always the same.

Marie 02/02/2017
A great little scale.

This scale is absolute great. First of all it came packaged incredibly well so I didn't have any worries if the product would be damaged or not and it came with the needed batteries so you won't have to run out to the store before using your kitchen scale for the first time. The batteries are easy to insert (no screw driver needed) and the scale itself is perfect. The buttons are big and easy to press and the display shows up big enough for even older eyes to see. Because of it's modern design I even like leaving it on the counter instead of hiding it away!

Yolanda Allison 01/29/2017
Perfect for Light Weight Herbals !

I previously purchased a "Tempered Glass scale and had to return because it was not constructed well enough to weigh light weight objects such as Herbal medicines etc.... This scale is great, it does the job and is Very well constructed great for those of who need to know the exact weight in terms of "GRAMS" for very light weight airy Herbals.
I can now weigh flowers, Herbals etc and the price was reasonable.
Thank You !

JinxPhoenix 01/21/2017
Love it!

Many months later, and this tiny scale still functions perfectly well. I use for weighing food to weighing baking goods, and I haven't run into any issues yet.
It does exactly what I paid for, and I'm happy with the purchase.

Taylor Ramon 01/17/2017
This is the PERFECT scale for the price

This is the PERFECT scale for the price. Even with a large bowl, it's still easy to read the display! You can change the units before or after measuring. It's a great investment to any kitchen for baking or weight management purposes!

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