Simpletaste Non-Slip Kitchen Knife Sharpener 3-in-1 Manual System

Model: 707NA-0001   |   Brand: Simple Taste     
$ 12.99   12.99
  • Compact and Multi-functional: 3-in-1 sharpening system - Ceramic Slot for ceramic knives; Coarse Slot for dull metal knives; and Fine Slot for finishing and polishing edges, or perfect for light touch-ups to already sharp knives.
  • Fast and Safe: No more worries about damaging your expensive knives with handheld knife stones, or buying all new knives because professional sharpening services are too expensive or time wasteful. Just a few pulls through the sharpening slot and your dull knife will be restored with precision edges. A ergonomic design and non-slip base ensures safety when sharpening your knives.
  • Non-slip Rubber Base: The heavy-duty non-slip rubber base provides ultimate grip & increases safety. Just place it on a flat surface and you're ready to sharpen your knives.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle has been designed to offer a firm, stable grip safely away from the knife blade while sharpening.
  • Light & Durable: The main body of is made of light, solid ABS plastic, which both protects from cracks forming due to repeated use and also provides a grippier surface than normal plastics.
How to use the knife sharpener

Three multi-functional sharpening slots and an ergonomic design make 1byone Kitchen Knife Sharpener exceedingly economical and very safe to use. With this single product, sharpen all of your knives no matter size or blade material.

It's very important to review all Use Instructions for using this product.

1. Place the knife sharpener on a flat, stable surface, and hold with a steady grip.

2. Select the correct sharpening slot to use depending on the material of the knife (metal or ceramic).

3. Position the knife with the heel of the blade at the opening of the slot.

4. Do not apply downward pressure, run the blade through the slot, from the heel to its point (pulling the blade in, not pushing out).

5. DO NOT move the blade back and forth (pull and push) in the slot. If extra sharpening is needed after the first pull, pick the knife up and reposition it again with the heel at the top of the slot and pull the blade through again.

6. Most dull blades will need to be run through the slot 3-5 times for proper sharpening.

7. For Metal Knives: After sharpening is complete, run the metal knife through the Fine slot (in the same process as described above) to polish it and eliminate any debris.


1. 1byone Kitchen Knife Sharpener is not suited for serrated knives or scissors.

2.Do not put the sharpener in the dishwasher.

3.Keep out of the reach of children.

4. Sharpening may discolor some blades, which is normal.
Joe E 03/04/2017
Great stable base while you're sharpening and the open design ...

I bought this as a replacement for a handheld sharpener I'd had for years. This one makes so much more sense. Great stable base while you're sharpening and the open design is nice since you can sharpen knives of any width and length. I might try it on Excalibur as soon as I get it out of this ridiculous stone it's in. Good price. If it were $1 cheaper I'd give it 5 stars :-P

Amazon Customer 02/27/2017
I like that it fits ergonomically in the hand

I like that it fits ergonomically in the hand, has a cushion on the bottom, very easy to use, and the price is reasonable. But for the coarse and fine side of the sharpener, it simply does in ok job at sharpening, not the best. I don't have any ceramic knives, so I don't know how good that slot does. But overall, I found it right in the middle of sharpeners for this style.

Amazon Customer 02/26/2017
Five Stars

Very good

penney 02/12/2017
Five Stars

Works exceptionally well.

Bernardo Espinoza 02/06/2017
Five Stars

Cool very easy to use and sharpen knives.

edwin hernandez 02/01/2017
Five Stars


Rosa J. 01/22/2017
I'm pleased

Good sharpener, Simple, stores in a drawer,always handy. It was shipped immediately and was packaged well. Nothing to complain about

Legal Beagle 01/16/2017
Easy to use and Effective

wonderfully useable and efficient. ergonomic design renders it very easy and comfortable to use and get a really sharp edge. Nothing can improve on convenience, ease of use and effectiveness.

debbi 12/04/2016
Five Stars

It works wonderfully! Now we will have sharp knives from now on.

Heidi Anne 10/20/2016
It's what I was looking for

I received this product free in exchange for an honest review, but the opinions I state are all mine.

First the sharpener is lightweight so I liked that immediately. But would it sharpen a knife. I pulled out some cutlery that really needed to be sharpened. I followed the instructions in the manual that came along with the product. And it did sharpen the dull knife. I was pleased. But would it sharpen a knife that was already sharp. I tested a newer knife. I didn't really notice a big difference, but the knife was already sharp. And I don't own a ceramic knife. (But I would love one if someone wants to donate one to my cause.) So it definitely worked on a dull knife which really suited my needs.

As I sharpened the knife, the product was easy to handle. I really found that the rubber handle made it easier to hold onto. And the rubber bottom did stop the product from slipping while I was using it. I liked that.

I like that this product also provided a small manual with instructions on how to use it. I may not have used the product correctly without this manual. So it was a definite plus.

This sharpener is priced at $13.99, which was a little higher than some other knife sharpeners on Amazon, but only by a dollar or two. And it does come with Amazon Prime. Free shipping to those of us with that. Some of the other knife sharpeners did not have a rubber handle, which was something that I really liked about this product.

I do recommend this product to individuals who enjoy cooking. Frequent use of your knives dulls them. And this is an easy way to get them sharpened. Is it professional grade? I don't know. But it certainly met my needs, and I'm glad that I have it.