1byone Over-Ear 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

Model: 403US-0003   |   Brand: 1Byone     
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  • HD Audio Performance - With 50mm Driver Unit and 7.1 virtual surround sound technology, this headset can provide a high audio performance. What's more, virtual 7.1 works great for you to easily distinguish directions of sounds, such as footsteps, gunshot or conversations through remarkable sound effects, thus introducing yourself to a fantastic world of gaming sound!
  • Maximum Comfort - Soft over-ear earmuff and lightweight elastic headband design offer you the best fit. Ultra noise reduction can help to immerse yourself in game enjoyment. When you press the light button, the ear muff will show red light, it is very cool to fight with the support of light.
  • Retractable and Adjustable Microphone - Retractable design of the mic makes it easy to adjust the mic to a comfortable distance for a better conversation quality; the In-line rotating volume control and microphone controls are very handy and convenient; moreover, when you press the mic control button, the mic will light so that you know if it is working.
  • Customizable Setting - The included drivers allow you to customize settings like sampling rate, equalizer, profiles and Xear Surround Max etc.; compatible with windows series.
  • Compatibility - The braided cord is long enough to plug into the USB port. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or even your PS4, plug and play if you don't need any advanced setting.
Scott T. Jones 01/28/2017
Great deal and sound.

Great deal and sound. Easy to set up on my windows 7 pc and great features. Lightweight and comfortable even after extended use. Works great with my music editing software and for playing games.

Christopher Box 01/28/2017

This product is decent for gamers.
Sound quality is great, I can hear bullets and footsteps from the directions that they need to be heard from.
Mic is clear, from what I've been told.
Braided wire seems durable.
Inner head rest piece is soft, and the wires that connect it to the headphones is "spring loaded"? So basically the inner piece can fit various head sizes.
The plastic housing feels cheap.
The outer cushion is soft, but too soft. I know... Think of the difference between a down pillow and a memory foam pillow. Both soft, but different kinds of soft. This is more like the down pillow kind of soft. Where as I prefer the memory foam kind of soft.
Since this is too soft, my ears tend to rub on the inside. The inside looks like basketball jersey style material, no doubt to give the look of breathable mesh. It unfortunately gives zero cushioning to the speaker frames which are inside.
The mic retracts inside the speaker housing. It feels very flimsy. When I pull it out to its fullest, then let go, it retracts back in slightly.

Personally, I dont care for the lighting, but its there, noticeable, but not too bright. The attached volume control is slightly larger than you'd imagine, longer than a credit card.

Dagaa 01/12/2017
And the lights are cool also...

I would have given this 5 stars if it had 1/4" extra padding on the ear cups. Good sound, nice weight and head strap support, cord controls work rather well, could use a little more gain on the mic but not bad.

quinn 01/10/2017
Good sound, not much padding so hurts ears in ...

Good sound, not much padding so hurts ears in a fairly short amount of time. Worst of all is the mic, very very poor quality mic. All things considered its good for the price, but you do get what you pay for.

Michael G. 01/07/2017
Five Stars

Awesome headphones for the price. Wish they could turn up a little louder but still amazing!

Amazon Customer 01/05/2017
Grandson loves it

Grandson is thrilled and I don't have to listen to game sound effects. Makes us both thrilled!

Amazon Customer 12/20/2016
Five Stars

it's awesome gaming headset!! mic, sound, utility and really comfortable. I love it! I recommend this product.

Ron 12/11/2016
Five Stars

Very nice headphones. Am very pleased.

Amazon Customer 12/09/2016
Great Gaming Headset for PC, but Does NOT Work on PS4

I bought this headset to use on my laptop and Playstation 4. It worked perfectly on my computer but when i tried plugging it into my PS4 it did nothing. I tried everything I could to make it work. I even sent an email to 1byone asking why it's not functioning properly, but I got no response.
This is an amazing headset especially for its price. The only downside was that it doesn't work on PS4. This ultimately made me return this product.

Nate 08/31/2016
Used to have cheap "gaming" headphones, These are amazing in comparison. Would recommend.

I had some gaming headphones for awhile now that i got off amazon for under 20$ and they have lasted me for years. I ran into a good deal for these in exchange for a review and let me tell you I am extremely happy I got these to replace my old ones. There is a HUGE difference you can really tell. First off they come in a nice graphic box so if you wanted to give this as some sort of present it would be great, the packaging was nice and everything arrived safely. Inside the box also was a CD for the driver software which installed perfectly on my windows 10 home built PC. They are USB only so be sure you have an extra USB port available. After installing the software and plugging them in I went ahead and changed the playback devices icon to headphones (with Mic) and named them USB headphones so that it is easy to switch between speakers and headphones if you frequently switch playback devices I definitely recommend this.
Now to talk about the headphones themselves. Like I said the difference between my "cheap" gaming headphones and these "more expensive" ones really pays off. The audio quality is much clearer, and the bass is very nice. I pulled up a few songs right away and was honestly blown away but what some better headphones sound like. They are very comfortable and soft on the head around the ear piece. The mic slides in and out so if you dont use it then it doesn't have to always be out. The volume adjust wheel is very nice, it is a little to easy to turn (so it can be bumped) but I haven't had issues with it. The lights can be turned off with a bottom on the inline control unit. If you have any question feel free to ask, I will be using this solely on my computer and I am literally using them right now as I type this. 5 out of 5 stars

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