1byone Over-Ear 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

Model: 403US-0003   |   Brand: 1BYONE     
$ 49.99   49.99
  • HD Audio Performance - With 50mm Driver Unit and 7.1 virtual surround sound technology, this headset can provide a high audio performance. What's more, virtual 7.1 works great for you to easily distinguish directions of sounds, such as footsteps, gunshot or conversations through remarkable sound effects, thus introducing yourself to a fantastic world of gaming sound!
  • Maximum Comfort - Soft over-ear earmuff and lightweight elastic headband design offer you the best fit. Ultra noise reduction can help to immerse yourself in game enjoyment. When you press the light button, the ear muff will show red light, it is very cool to fight with the support of light.
  • Retractable and Adjustable Microphone - Retractable design of the mic makes it easy to adjust the mic to a comfortable distance for a better conversation quality; the In-line rotating volume control and microphone controls are very handy and convenient; moreover, when you press the mic control button, the mic will light so that you know if it is working.
  • Customizable Setting - The included drivers allow you to customize settings like sampling rate, equalizer, profiles and Xear Surround Max etc.; compatible with windows series.
  • Compatibility - The braided cord is long enough to plug into the USB port. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or even your PS4, plug and play if you don't need any advanced setting.
Nate 08/31/2016
Used to have cheap "gaming" headphones, These are amazing in comparison. Would recommend.

I had some gaming headphones for awhile now that i got off amazon for under 20$ and they have lasted me for years. I ran into a good deal for these in exchange for a review and let me tell you I am extremely happy I got these to replace my old ones. There is a HUGE difference you can really tell. First off they come in a nice graphic box so if you wanted to give this as some sort of present it would be great, the packaging was nice and everything arrived safely. Inside the box also was a CD for the driver software which installed perfectly on my windows 10 home built PC. They are USB only so be sure you have an extra USB port available. After installing the software and plugging them in I went ahead and changed the playback devices icon to headphones (with Mic) and named them USB headphones so that it is easy to switch between speakers and headphones if you frequently switch playback devices I definitely recommend this.
Now to talk about the headphones themselves. Like I said the difference between my "cheap" gaming headphones and these "more expensive" ones really pays off. The audio quality is much clearer, and the bass is very nice. I pulled up a few songs right away and was honestly blown away but what some better headphones sound like. They are very comfortable and soft on the head around the ear piece. The mic slides in and out so if you dont use it then it doesn't have to always be out. The volume adjust wheel is very nice, it is a little to easy to turn (so it can be bumped) but I haven't had issues with it. The lights can be turned off with a bottom on the inline control unit. If you have any question feel free to ask, I will be using this solely on my computer and I am literally using them right now as I type this. 5 out of 5 stars

Poc Network // Tech 08/22/2016
We really liked these. The comfort value alone is awesome

 We really liked these. The comfort value alone is awesome. In-game sound didn’t seem to offer breathtaking channel separation, but still offered enough to enjoy the game your playing at an added level of awesomeness compared to a stereo headset. Especially when playing first-person shooter (FPS). The cable is long enough so it won’t pull on your 3.5mm input as you move around or struggle as you do the controller waltz during your high-action gaming. Range is enough to impress since you can hear some mids in the mix with a good balance of lows and highs. The LED lights are a bonus and look pretty cool (especially if you game in the dark). Controls are simple and easy to get to. Finally, the price isn’t bad at all at under $50. I think comfort though is one of the biggest selling points of you find yourself gaming for many hours at a time. Hopefully, you will take a breather here and there, but at least it will feel great on your head either way. For more information, see the video!

David B 08/11/2016
Simple to setup with PS4 but sound was low on highest setting

Here we have the 1byone Over-Ear Headphones 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset with Mic and In-Line Control for PC, Black from 1byone. I got this a week or so ago and wanted to play with it for a while before reviewing it. I really love the comfort of this headset. The pads go around the ears and the headset itself goes on the head. Now this headset is mainly used for the PC and I might use it for that one of these days but I wanted it to use with my PS4 as I read it can be connected via USB port and it works right away which it does. If you use it just for chatting and have the PS4 game volume on the TV it is perfect, but I noticed that when I changed to have the whole game and chatting together all in the headset, the sound is not loud enough. I would have thought it would be really loud when you put the volume all the way up on the PS4 and the headset as these are a 7.1 headset. It definitely sounds great in the ears, and very clear when playing games, but thought it could be louder when having the full game play in the ears and I only do that when not trying to disturb my friends. But if you use this for chatting and have normal speakers for your Ps4 then this is great. For the PC, which this is really for I have not tried so maybe the sound is louder which I would think it could be since you could change all the computer settings. Maybe PS4 just as has a max with this headset. So I still love how simple tis was to setup, the comfort of the headset and how you press a button and it lights up and another button to turn the mic on and off. Maybe you do not want it on all the time in case you get upset or do not want the person you’re playing to hear what you are trying to do in a strategy or something. But overall, I am impressed with it. I have used other headsets but this one is for sure nice especially since it will not break the bank.
I received this headset at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Ghost Fox Tech 08/07/2016
Probably the best virtual surround headset at its price point!

 I've seen other products from 1byone, but only recently have I realized they make some gaming accessories. After trying out this 7.1 virtual surround sound headset, I'm actually pretty excited to see what else they have coming out. Gaming headsets can be pretty expensive, with most virtual surround sound pairs coming it at nearly $100. With this one less than half that cost, it's almost impossible to pass them up.

The unit offers attractive LED lighting, in-line controls for volume, microphone, and light, and a comfortable design. It should fit anyone from people with smaller heads, to even the largest. The ear cups are a good size, and fit perfectly well over my ears. Though there is no active noise cancelling, they do a great job of muffling sounds around you. The microphone works great, and the provided software gives some fun options for built-in voice changing (monster voice, cartoon, male and female).

The sound it offers is great across all ranges. There is sufficiently booming bass, while the mid and high ranges remain clear and crisp. When testing the unit, it's hard to find anything negative to say about it. The virtual surround is really good, though obviously not quite matching up to the real deal. But considering the price point, this is probably as good as you can get. I would recommend this to anyone considering a gaming headset, who doesn't want to shell out the $100 for a brand name pair.

I received a discount on this product for review purposes, but that in no way changes my opinions and evaluation of the headset.

PH_Brewer 08/03/2016
Good Entry-Level Gaming Headphones w/LED Lighting

Packaging: Retail

Pros Summary: Comfortable padding, full over-the-ear cuff, floating band, telescopic mic, LED lighting in outer cuffs and mic, volume dial.

Cons Summary: Dial on volume does not work (even with package software installed) on Win 10 x64.

Overall Reaction: I purchased this headset for one of my kids who makes YouTube videos and plays PC games.

Sound Quality: The sound quality is good. I tested the range using tracks with higher ranges and found that the extreme crispness and responsiveness was not able to be met but considering these headphones are geared for a gamer and not pristine clarity, it cannot be faulted.

Fit: The headphones have a floating band the rests on your head and adjusts for proper fit. They feel good on the head. There isn’t heavy discomfort from pressure.

Overall, I am pleased with the product given the target the company is marketing them for. My son is happy as they meet the areas he is using them for. I will edit review if/when additional details are found and can be noted.

Disclaimer: I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I try to provide as much detail as I can for the reviews I publish. If this review has helped you, please help me by clicking “Yes” next to “Was this review helpful to you?”.

Mrussell 08/03/2016
Love for the headset, not just for gaming!

I am a large consumer of headphones. I have tried may bluetooth, earbuds, over the ear, on the ear, and any others that you can think of. This one, is a great over the ear headset, by far. I love the colors and the simplistic scheme rather than throwing logos all over the place. The mic works very well, all my friends can hear me clearly. The headband is pretty comfortable. What I am not a huge fan of is the fact that when you put on the headphones, the inner part that is flat ends up touching my ear. I just need to get it situated just right for it to be comfortable. I also enjoy how easy the mic is to turn on and off with just a click of a button as well as having the volume dial. Sometimes I can get confused which way is turning it up and which way is down.

Overall, I love this product. The quality of sound is superb. I use it during work to listen to music! The surrounding effects exceeded my expectations.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review. I review them as if I myself was going to repurchase them for full price. This is not only for company, but mainly for the you to fully understand what you are putting your money into. I myself look at amazon reviews to determine whether or not to buy the product and want to provide you with details for your decision. Please feel free to leave comments and I will happily try to get back to you.

Gen.Dan 07/27/2016
Very happy with them

For the price this thing is pretty great!

So let’s start with the most important thing. It’s red! Why is this so important? Well red is clearly the best color. This is not even a subject I am welling to debate. Red is just better than all the other colors. The reason this is fact is because the LEDS in my PC are red. So the headphones match my PC. Clearly this is very important…. What you want my headphones not to match my PC!? What are you some type of anarchist?! I bet you want cats and dogs to live with each other! That’s not how we do things around here. I believe in the separation of cats and dogs and I want my headphones to match the LEDs in my PC.

OK THEN! On to the meat these headphones sound great as far as low to mid-grade headphones go, they sound solid, no crackling or tinny sound. Sounds are true though and the volume control is nice though max volume wasn't that loud till I installed and fiddled with the provided software. They are plug and play and were immediately detected by my computer when plugged in which is nice. The design is nice aesthetically and the lights aren't overpowering or overly bright, the microphone light doesn't distract me. The mic sounds clear and my friends claim I sound much less harsh and raspy as I did with my old headphones.
These head phones are great and I’m very happy with them.

I was provided this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review.

PS 07/26/2016
Awesome sounding headset with effects

The gaming headset comes in a red black box with the product logo. Inside the box there is a plastic mold protecting the headsets. Inside the box is included the headset which is black in color all over. Also included is a fairly detailed instruction manual in a variety of languages as well as a CD which helps you setup the sound.

The headsets are geared towards gaming specifically. However, I found the quality of sound when listening to music from your laptop or movie from Netflix or related video program. The installation process requires you to connect the headset via USB. This headset is not wireless. Once connecting, then you need to insert the CD-ROM and follow the installation prompts. Once installed, the amount of features that can be set is mind blowing. You can change the volume position of the speaker effect, the equalization, different environmental conditions such as in a concert, under water, as well as others, surround sound settings and much more effects which can be included. Upon knowing these features I tested the sound on a movie trailer online just to test the sound quality. The quality of the sound is real crisp and the sound effects for each environmental condition really do provide the stated effect. For example, the concert setting provides the sound of the movie as if you are sitting in a concert hall. The sampling and overall sound effect comes real close to what you would similarly experience in the same setting. The overall quality of the headset is high and above average than similar ones priced in the same range. The headset is adjustable to the length of your head and the earpieces conform to the thickness of your head.

Overall, the headset has excellent sound quality as well as sound effects to make you feel as if you are in different environments. The red led light also provides nice ambience to the headset as well. The headset is a great find for the price and is a feature packed headset that most headset will not beat. This can be used on any sound based product as long as you have a USB port.

I have received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review for the product. I am in no way affiliated with the seller or product. I write reviews based on previous experience with similar products. I hope you find this review helpful.

Jaz 07/26/2016
My favorite gaming headset. It's so comfortable!

I had a game headset previously, but there were a lot of things I did not like about it. The volume was low, and I could not move the mic freely. The 1byone headphones has all these features.
The box was quite large and contained the headphones, an instruction booklet, and a CD. The instructions are available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and more. To set these headphones up, you plug in the headphones into a USB port on your computer, then press install when you put the CD in your computer. It did not take too long to install. After installation, you will need to restart your computer.
The headphones have two buttons and a dial to change volume. One is the mic button, labeled with the word "Mic," and the other button controls the LED, labeled with a light bulb.The LED is powered by the USB port and it lights up the parts that go over your ears. The button controls these lights. The mic also lights up. It is a very small light, but it cannot be turned off.
The mic is adjustable to any position. The mic can be pulled out, and then pushed back in when not in use. It can bend in any direction, so I can put it closer to my mouth, making it easier for people to hear.
The mic button is there so that you can mute yourself during calls, and it works like a charm. This mute button works independently from any voice/call program you're using. Using the dial, the volume can also be controlled independently from your computer volume.
These headphones are extremely comfortable. You don't have to worry about adjusting anything, since the band stretches (it uses wires) according to how far you put it on your head. It conforms to you, and it feels amazing. I like not having to worry about it being too big or too small, or having to adjust it every time I use it. I've been using these headphones for hours at a time without any discomfort. These are over-the-ear headphones, so I find that to be a plus.
I have only used these headphones on my laptop, I have not tested it on any of my game consoles.
I like these headphones a lot. They are my favorite, and I probably would not be willing to give it up for any other pair.

I received these headphones for free or for a discount in exchange for my honest review.

H 07/25/2016
Decent headset for gaming on the PC

- It has only a USB connection so you don't have to plug additional cables. However, you won't be able to plug this into your phone or anything else that uses an audio jack. This isn't much of a problem for me as I only use this for the computer.
- This headphone sounds pretty nice for the price. It comes with software so you can change the equalizer and have the sound to your liking. The 7.1 surround doesn't make much of a difference. So if you are buying for the 7.1 might not be the best idea.
- There is a lot of sound effects you can pick from the software. You can also play with the mic effects so you can change your voice and other people's voice.
- Because this is a USB headset there is no hissing sound in the background even when there is nothing playing. I think this headset has its own built in DAC.
- The cable on this headphone is super nice. It's nice and thick as well as braided. However, it isn't that long so that is something you should watch out for.
- The control is nice and big which means it is easy to find. You can turn the red lighting on the headphones off if you want.
- The headset isn't that comfortable. I not a big fan of round earcups because I think that oval earcups are closer to the shape of an ear and therefore fits better and feel more comfortable. I have big ears so the top and bottom of my ears just gets bent in a little and doesn't feel that great.
The padding on the earcups isn't that think so my ears touch the drivers and after a while, it gets really uncomfortable. If you have smaller years this might not be an issue for you.
- The microphone feels very filmy and rattles when you pull it out. The sound on it is very low you have to turn the mic to 100 percent and have mic boost on for other people to hear you at a decent volume.
Overall this is a decent headset for gaming on the PC. It has no audio jacks so you can only use it with a PC. So if you want to use your headset for other things that require an audio jack then this headset isn't for you. The highlight of the headset is the software. You can customize the sound to your liking and if you are into that kind of thing then go for it. I received this headset for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased reivew.

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