65 Miles Digital TV Antenna with Enhanced VHF UHF Reception

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SKU#: 202NA-0008
  • Free For Life: Access HD TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription. NEVER pay expensive TV fee again!
  • Upgraded Receiving Performance: Maximum receiving range reached 65 miles, enhanced VHF reception for CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX…
  • Advanced Inline Adjustable Amplifier - 2 switchable amplifier modes to maximize the amount of channels that can be received
  • Fashion Design, Easy Installation : Wood-grain design seamlessly fits with your home décor, including both double-sided adhesive 3M stickers and nails to make it easier for installation
  • 19.7ft Long Cable and USB Power - The long coaxial cable makes it easy to place the antenna in the best reception spot in your home. Antenna can be powered either by an outlet or a TV’s USB port

Cut the cord and free access to HD programs forever including local news, weather forecast, live sports, sitcoms, kids and all of the top-rated shows. Receive crystal clear HDTV broadcasts including 4K Ultra HD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p for highest-quality picture and Dolby Digital Surround Sound

The 1080p HDTV reception ensures that you always enjoy the reliability, convenience, unbeatable picture and freedom of over-the-air HD TV. Depending on your location, the hdtv antenna can receive include NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, PBS, THE CW, QUBO, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, RTV, THIS TV, ION, ME TV and the weather channel.

Many antennas on the market are optimized to receive only UHF broadcasts and do not reliably receive VHF. Our TV antennas are precision-tuned to receive both UHF and VHF frequencies and will provide you with the most HD content.

If your Indoor TV antenna is not working as expected, try the following tips:
1, Make sure you have correctly connected the hd antenna to your HDTV or third-party HD receiver.
2, Re-scan for channels: In the TV's setup menu, set the mode to hdtv antenna or air. Refer to the TV manual for detailed instructions.
3, Reposition the indoor hd antenna in a different location. It is suggested place it higher on a wall or closer to a window. Sometimes moving a few feet can make a difference.
4, keep the hdtv antenna away from those big power consumption devices interference, such as air conditioner, refrigerator and microwave oven,etc.
The actual receivable range may highly depends on your distance and location. Areas with large obstructions such in valleys, mountains, etc,. will reduce the effective range. Always re-scan channels after moving the hdtv antenna, the result may be better.

Find Channels On websites
1. "dtv.gov/maps" is run by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters. The interface hasn’t changed in over a decade, but it’s simple and the information is useful.
2. "TVFool" is more complex but gives a lot more detail including gorgeous plots of theoretical signal strength and where the broadcast towers are located.
Tips: And if you’re looking for a cable-style TV schedule, "TitanTV" is a free Web service that lists local programming.

Super Easy to Set Up
Includes two-sided mounting tape so you can move hd antenna and find the best location for a high quality signal.
1) Stick on the window. (Recommend)
2) Hang on the wall.
3) Hide behind the TV.
4) Stand on the table or bookshelf.

Scan for channels using your TV's 'Channel Search' and be ready to enjoy free TV.

Advanced Inline Adjustable Amplifier
2 switchable amplifier modes to maximize the amount of channels that can be received
Switch-off: Yellow light, Normal range.
Switch-on: Green light, Stronger range.

You can turn off the antenna amplifier if your house is within 20 mile range from the tower. We do NOT Recommend to use this amplifier or booster if your house is very closer to the broadcast tower and the signal is already very strong.

How any antenna words depends on your exact location. does anyone know how to find out about that? or even, how does it do in mesa az?

I made a list of TO DOs for Antenna buyers I'll share here:
1. First go to TVFOOL dot com. And type in your ZIP CODE. You will see a color coded list of possible channels, and the most informative info of any antenna site.
2. From their list for your Zip Code look at the specs called "LOS" [Line of site -- can you see the tower?] and "1-edge" and "2-edge" -- this tells how many mountains are in your distance making these channels more difficult to get their signal.
3. IF you are too close to a Tower, disconnect the 'amplifier' and try again without it. YOU may have to move the Antenna around to 'AIM' it directly at the visible tower [ I have to do the 'aiming' in order to get the 13 available channels I get.
4. An antenna with the largest size [square inches] will pick up better reception from my experience. This 1byOne antenna is larger size [sq. inches of surface] and as soon as it arrives tomorrow will test it out on my TV's. My local channels are all "LOS -- Line of site" so I will aim the new antennas at the visible tower [8 miles away]. Even the multi antennas have to be aimed by me and I returned a ANTV AMPLIFIED antenna - reception was worse than non-amplified due to closeness of 8 mile away towers!
** YOU will not receive 30-50-100 channels UNLESS the towers are near you and are not obstructed by mountains/terrain etc. TVFOOL,com list will give you best idea WHAT channels are within your reach/terrain/distance/line of sight. And "NO"... no one is paying me or giving me free antennas I also pay with my own money, just sharing my findings to fellow Amazon shoppers, as many of us do at times. Good luck and happy channel hunting. I can only get 13 total in-range channels from my location, Quite Happy with that. 
By Dan Y on February 26, 2017

I was excited to get the 50 mile range antenna as a gift however it does not pick up all of the local network affiliate channels. Suggestions?

Turn off the amplifier! I just got mine last night, and I live in a major city also. I was shocked when only 5 digital channels were detected by my TV. I moved the antenna around a few times and still had no luck. Finally, when looking on 1byOne's website I saw a tip about how if you're close to the broadcasting station, the amplifier can cause it to "self-oscillate" resulting in a bad signal. I turned off the amplifier and sure enough, the other channels I was missing were detected without moving the antenna.  
By Benjamin on October 27, 2016
I listened to the other person who answered this question about turning off the amplifier. We were only picking up about 7 channels until we turned off the amplifier and now we get over 30! I don't know the logistics, but if anyone is having trouble getting channels, try that. I will take 30 channels for free for $25. 
By Amazon Customer on January 24, 2017
recheck your installation...follow the directions in the package. I had no problems getting all the local channels. 30 miles is about the range that I needed. You should move the antenna around to get the best reception and if you can get near a window...then you should try that. 
Russ Skains answered on December 29, 2015 
Try moving it to a different part of your house and try putting it on your window! 
Timothy Gray answered on December 29, 2015
I have no suggestions, it is what it is... I don't watch a lot of TV so for me it isn't a terrible issue. I'm happy with the stations I do pull in with it 
Dawn answered on December 29, 2015 

Would this product work in an area with a good amount of trees? I have 6 useable towers within 27 miles on average distance.

Based on my experience the antenna I have mounted on a window facing six large full trees and the television signals have not been affected at all. I cannot attest to your unique circumstances, but other antennas that I have experimented with did not perform at all - I lost many stations. I have gone from about 5-10 channels on a good day with other antennas + amplifiers to greater than 50 channels sustained with the 1byone + amplifier antenna (it comes with an amp). I live in the rural outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas. If one window does not work, you might try another window and make sure you buy one with ample cable - I think they come with different lengths...Good luck. 
By JB on October 19, 2015
Not sure what a "good amount" means.. i have around 6-7 trees around my home and a golf course and i got 50+stations, i did use http://www.antennaweb.org to find out how many stations i may have access to before i purchased. I would give it a try and if you are not happy you can always return it. I highly recommend. 
By Anna on October 19, 2015
probably...we have a small forest on that edge of the farm and picked up signals in that direction. You can always return it, but I think, with those shorter distances, it would work. 
By Dr. William Costello on October 19, 2015

How do you change channels?

once you connect the antenna to your TV, you will go to the menu and have the TV search for channels. Once it has all the channels saved you simply use your remote to change channels. Basically the same way you would normally change the channels. 
By Amazon Customer on January 26, 2016
The first responder below has the answer. Go to the MENU on the remote and choose to auto search for the channels. 
By Jim Rogers on January 26, 2016
with your remote however, I found (living in sarasota florida) this thing isn't what it promises. I can nay get three odd-ball stations -- no network stations-- the mileage promise is bogus 
By chanko on January 26, 2016
Using the remote for your TV. This is just the antenna that the TV uses to receive broadcast TV channels. 
By Anonymous Shopper on January 26, 2016
You hook the antennae up to the antennae input; then, you change channels with your tv remote. 
By Jamie on January 27, 2016
TV remote control 
By GeoTheDude on January 26, 2016

can i hang it in my attic

yes only if you have a source of power up there and the amplifier to boost up the signal if you plan to split to multiple locations (not recommended) 
By -NH- on January 18, 2018
It could be hung in the attic but you will need about a 1" hole to pass the cable thru. 
By Amazon Customer on January 21, 2018

What's the difference between the white/blac/silver one and the "window" one?

The difference between each one other than color is the distance of reception. When selecting an antenna, it is suggested to know how far (distance in a straight line) to the television broadcast tower. Select the antenna according to distance. The window antenna has suction cups, so you can mount it on the glass portion of a window. see less 
By SpF on May 20, 2015

hi. I have a roku tv with the roku controller. I see the antenna in connection on my tv. do I have to buy a different controller to change channels and control the antenna channels? thanks for any help.

I have a Samsung TV. There is a TV mode, and you just press up channel or down channel, or enter a number. If your Roku has numbers and an up channel and down channel, it is probably going to work. 
By Kebs Pow on August 7, 2017

Will this work in Ghana,west Africa?

If you have regular digital broadcasts like here in the US it should. 
By Mark on August 22, 2017

I have anolog tv and I can't get any channels would this work?

This only works on an analog TV if you have a digital converter box connected to it first. You will then connect this antenna to the digital converter box that's connected to your analog TV. 
Benjamin Dover answered on August 7, 2016 

What kind of tape works best at holding the antenna up? In reviews people state that the tape is weak and used something else but don't say what.

I used just the little white plastic Command hooks. My antenna just sits right in them. I will try to submit a picture. 
ersherman answered on January 8, 2016 
I used the sticky pads that came with the antenna and stuck it on my window and it works fine. 
Old Wise One answered on January 11, 2016
Any double face tape work for me 
anna miller answered on January 8, 2016 
There's this doubles sided 3mm tape u can buy it's stick great it's a lil thick but it works great 
Ginger Flowers answered on January 8, 2016
A nice double sided tape or velcro strips 
Brad Cochran answered on January 8, 2016 

I have the 35 mile one. abc works fine, but fox (27 miles away) is extremely laggy. would the 50 mile one make a difference or not?

Yes the 50 mile antenna works a whole lot better in picking up fox or other stations! 
david sawyers answered on September 3, 2017 
I agree with what was mentioned that there are a lot of factors that could make a difference. But I believe the 50 mile one will make a difference as it has an amplifier. I have two of the 50 mile ones even though I live only about 23 miles from the major Washington DC stations. When I turn the amplifier off, I can't receive many of the stations, but can receive all of the major networks and about 40 channels total with the amplifier turned on. I do have to also find just the right spot near a window facing toward DC to put the antenna. But once I've found the perfect spot, the picture has been excellent when the amplifier is on. 
Technofem answered on September 4, 2017 
That depends on where the Fox transmitting antenna is located and the direction that you have your antenna facing. A 50 mile antenna would have more gain-or a stronger signal. 
P. Haug answered on September 5, 2017 
It would be worth a try. There are so many factors affecting reception, but having a stronger antenna may help. I'm not that far from any stations as the crow flies, but I just went with the 50 mile antenna just in case.... 
CLB answered on September 3, 2017 

will it work in 94595 zip code?

If channels are available within its range, with proper placement it should pick up most or all of them. This is a superb antenna. 
J36 answered on February 13, 2017
It should work for any zip code, it will just pick up the channels available in that area. 
Jd answered on February 14, 2017
Hi Jacob, sorry I can't answer that for you since I am not in that area. However, it does work for me. I receive basic channels which is all I need for right now. 
toukata answered on February 12, 2017 

Does it work with roku?

This is meant to find local channel signals. It should work for any TV that has a cable co axle set up. You need an internet connection to stream on roku. 
Amazon Customer answered on March 3, 2017 
This HDTV antenna works independent of Roku. It plugs directly into your TV and there's no need to intertwine the two devices. 
JRH answered on March 3, 2017
Roku will only work from a Wi-Fi router 
Happy Jim answered on March 3, 2017 
Paige, This antenna picks up any High Definition Digital Signal that is being broadcast by local TV Stations. Roku on the other hand, is a different technology. To use Roku you must be the internet, and if you want to stream programs, you need a fairly high speed internet connection. Hope this helps. 
Guy answered on March 10, 2017 

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